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Air Conditioning Maintenance

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The number one thing homeowners forget when it comes to their air conditioning unit is the importance of air conditioning maintenance. Whether it is failing to replace the air filter or forgetting to have your system regularly cleaned, your air conditioner will start to lose its efficiency. Regular maintenance ensures that your AC unit is clear of dirt and debris and that all components are working as they should. To learn more about getting AC maintenance, give us a call at (715) 283-4422 today!

How often should you do maintenance on your AC unit?

According to most experts, you should maintain and service your HVAC twice a year. This normally entails having the AC serviced in the spring before the summer heatwave and in the autumn before the frigid temperatures of winter become a concern.

What does a home AC system tune-up include?

A typical HVAC tune-up will consist of three fundamental stages: inspection, cleaning and servicing. Repairs may or may not be recommended during the service, depending on whether or not problems are discovered during the inspection phase. If any repairs are recommended during your tune-up, your HVAC technician will quote the cost before going forward with the repairs; the cost will usually be discounted if you have them completed during your maintenance appointment.

Are home AC unit tune-ups worth it?

Yes, this is where you get the most bang for your buck from your HVAC unit. Not only do regular AC tune-ups guarantee your unit works at peak efficiency, but if there are any issues with your air conditioning discovered during your tune-up service, the expert will fix them right away. Making minor repairs during your tune-up will offer significant savings over paying for emergency repairs later in the season.

What time of year should I have my HVAC tuned up?

Optimally, in Wisconsin, it's recommended to have your HVAC tuned up in the spring, around March or April. This timing prepares your system for the heightened usage during the warmer months. It's an opportunity to identify and address potential issues before they worsen, enhancing efficiency and performance. By proactively maintaining your HVAC system in the spring, you ensure consistent comfort throughout the summer and beyond.

Air conditioning maintenance is a great way to get the best use and service life out of your home's air conditioning system.

Why You Should Have Your AC Unit Maintained

It is common to believe that your AC unit is designed to work seamlessly without much upkeep. However, that is actually not the case. Your air conditioning system needs proper maintenance in order to operate at peak performance and last its full life expectancy. Additionally, when you do not get AC maintenance, your air conditioning system may require more repairs due to the fact that the dirt that has built up in your AC unit begins to cause malfunctions.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

There are many benefits of getting your air conditioning system serviced on a regular basis, such as:

  • Your air conditioner lasts longer.
  • Your air conditioner needs fewer repairs.
  • Your air conditioner breaks down less often.
  • Your monthly energy bills are lower.
  • Your air conditioner is covered under warranty.

With all of these benefits, maintenance plans essentially pay for themselves with all of the advantages they provide for your cooling system. The best way to make sure your air conditioner receives all of these benefits is to get your AC unit serviced at least once a year by a licensed HVAC contractor.

Hurlburt Family Rewards Club

At Hurlburt Heating, AC & Plumbing, we know that not all cooling systems are made alike and require different types of maintenance, which is why we provide maintenance plans for various systems. Our Hurlburt Family Rewards Club has levels of maintenance plans, ranging from Elite, Pro to Value. No matter what maintenance needs you have, we have got you covered. We also provide discounted rates for each additional unit after your first two units. To learn more about getting AC maintenance, contact us today!

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