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Switch, Outlet & Ceiling Fan Installation

Whether it’s a new ceiling fan or rewiring your house altogether, there are plenty of videos out there on YouTube or dubious posts on DIY forums that might lead you to believe you can roll up your sleeves and do this yourself, but the reality is that playing around with your wiring – even if it’s just to install a ceiling fan or new outlets – can be incredibly dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Fortunately, our expert electricians at Hurlburt can provide this kind of service promptly and at an affordable rate – we’ve been providing electrical services, from basic repairs to new installations, for over 65 years, so we know exactly how to get the job done safely. 

So, whether you need our switch, outlet, or ceiling fan services, don’t hesitate to contact the team and schedule a quick appointment to get started.

When and Why to Swap Out Your Outlet or Switches

Outlets, switches, and other ways to access electricity in your home are extremely important, reliable electricity is a key part of our daily life. You may simply want to change out your outlet or switch to better match the décor of your home, but If you are noticing issues with:

It is time to call in a Hurlburt Electrical expert. Unless you are a trained professional, working with home wiring and electricity can be extremely dangerous.

To ensure that your home is getting supplied with reliable and safe electricity, everywhere you expect it to, call the Hurlburt team today!

Switch and outlet installation

Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Ceiling Fan

If this isn’t your first time having a ceiling fan installed in your house and you’re still sort of on the fence about upgrading it, we get it – it can be easy to just put up with weak airflow or funny noises if you’re short on cash and have other things that take priority. 

That said, you really don’t want to be in a position this summer where you’ve not got a reliable way of cooling yourself down, and while we do offer reliable AC installation services, too, a ceiling fan can be a lot more affordable:

Noise and Wobbling: This sort of thing is annoying at best but it can even be a sign that your ceiling fan is malfunctioning and could possibly cause some damage if you leave it for much longer.

This is generally the result of the parts being worn-out, but if you’ve decided to install it yourself, then there’s a chance you did it incorrectly which is exactly why we advise leaving it to us (you’re not only having to deal with the noise but you’re also damaging an otherwise perfectly fine fan).

Poor Performance: To follow on from that previous point, sometimes there’s not even an issue with the installation and the fan’s just started to run its course – whatever the reason, past this point, it’s not going to circulate air half as effectively as it once was, so we’d recommend our installation services to utilize a more modern fan that not only works more efficiently but comes with multiple speeds.

Outdated Design: It might not even be a technical issue, either; if you’ve moved into a home that already had a ceiling fan but you decided to refurbish the room it’s in and change some of the aesthetics around, an old-fashioned fan might simply just look out of place. So, pick a new model that actually has a design you like and we’ll be ready to install it for you quickly.

Energy Efficiency: Again, these older fans are also a lot less energy-efficient than some of the new models out there, so not only can they look ugly in the room it’s in but it’s also costing you way more than it should be on your electricity bill.

How Long Does It Take for Switch, Outlet & Ceiling Fan Installations?

Generally speaking, the exact time it’ll take to install a new ceiling fan or switches within your home is always going to vary depending on the condition of your current wiring – that said, we usually have the job done within 1-2 hours, with another hour or so if you need to add new switches or outlets.

Benefits of Installing a New Ceiling Fan

Improved Air Circulation: Compared to your old one, which is likely to be functioning improperly if you’ve sought out our services, the new ceiling fans we’ll install will significantly improve the air movement in your room – whether you need it to be cooler in the summer or need warm air in the winter.

Energy Savings: You’ll find that the more modern your ceiling fan is, the more energy-efficient it performs, so this can be very helpful for reducing your electricity bills throughout the summer.

Increased Home Value: Like most electrical fixtures, upgrading your ceiling fans is generally going to add more value to your home since it’s a much more modern amenity.

Get your Outlets, Switches or Ceiling Fan Installed Today

Whether you need outlet, switch or our ceiling fan installation services, don’t wait until it’s an issue that may result in an emergency. 

We’re also available for regular inspections throughout the year if you notice any kinds of faults with your electrical infrastructure of your home – not that we anticipate any after our professional installations – so regardless of your issue, we’ll be able to sort it for you quickly. Get in touch with our team at Hurlburt today to get the ball rolling by calling (715) 317-5648.

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