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Electrical Repair

Electrifying Electrical Repair Services For Your Eau Claire, WI Home

The team here at Hurlburt Heating, AC & Plumbing is committed to ensuring your home is safe, comfortable, and efficiently powered. Electrical issues can be not only daunting but also potentially dangerous, which is why our skilled professionals are here to provide reliable and expert electrical repair services in Eau Claire, WI. Whether you've got a minor electrical issue or you're suffering a major malfunction, we've got the expertise to investigate, diagnose, and fix the problem swiftly and safely.

Is your home in need of electrical repair? Then don't delay - message us online or call (715) 283-4422 to schedule your appointment today!

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When It Comes To Electricity, Let The Professionals Handle It

We understand that when it comes to your home, it's easy to give in to the temptation of trying DIY repairs as a cost-saving measure. But when we're talking about electricity, there's just too much risk. A mistake working with your home's electricity can lead to electrical fires, damage to your home's electrical system, serious injuries - even death. Our professional electricians are trained to handle any and all electrical issues efficiently and above all safely, ensuring all your repairs comply with local codes and standards. When you trust your electrical work to Hurlburt Heating, AC & Plumbing, you get more than quality repair - you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home and family are safe.

How Do I Know If I Need Electrical Repair?

Thankfully, your home isn't shy about letting you know if there's something weird going on with its electrical systems. Here are some of the biggest tell tale signs:

  • Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips: If your circuit breakers are tripping again and again, chances are your system is overloaded or there's a short somewhere in your wiring. It needs to be promptly addressed to avoid potential hazards.
  • Flickering Or Dimming Lights: Your lights should stay on, bright, and steady whenever you turn them on. If they can't stay that way, you've probably got loose wiring or your circuits are carrying too much load.
  • Burning Smell Or Scorch Marks: Your electrical outlets should never look like the one above. If you notice any kind of burning smell or scorch marks on your outlets or switches, get them checked immediately before an electrical fire breaks out.
  • Buzzing Sounds: Your electrical system should normally operate in relative silence. But if you catch a buzzing sound when you walk past and outlet, switch, or your electrical panel, your home is literally telling you a professional needs to come take a look.
  • Sparks Or Shocks: Did you feel a bit of a jolt when plugging in your phone charger? If you see any kind of sparks coming from an outlet or experience a brief shock, first get far away from that outlet, and second call in the professionals, as this could be a dangerous situation.

What We Can Repair

In keeping with our pledge to be your go-to home services company, our electrical services are comprehensive and wide-ranging to take ensure your home's electrical system runs smoothly. Our techs can handle a variety of issues, including:

  • Wiring Repairs: Whether you have faulty wiring or need to upgrade old wiring, we can ensure your home’s electrical system is safe and up to code.
  • Outlet & Switch Repairs: From replacing damaged outlets and switches to installing new ones, we provide reliable solutions to keep your home powered efficiently.
  • Circuit Breaker Repairs: If your circuit breaker is malfunctioning or constantly tripping, we can diagnose and repair the issue to restore normal function.
  • Lighting Repairs: We handle all types of lighting repairs, including fixing flickering lights, installing new fixtures, and ensuring proper electrical connections.
  • Electrical Panel Repairs: Your electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. We offer repairs and upgrades to keep it functioning safely and efficiently.

Trust Hurlburt Heating, AC & Plumbing For Shockingly Good Electrical Repairs

Electrical problems are your home should never be taken lightly, and professional repair is vital to help you maintain an efficient and safe home. We are dedicated to providing top-quality electrical repairs services in Eau Claire, WI. Our skilled electricians have the experience, knowledge, and tools necessary to tackle any electrical problem, keeping your home's power in excellent condition. If you need help with your home's electrical system, send us a message online or call (715) 283-4422 today!

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