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Furnace Installation

Furnace Replacement Services

When you live in Wisconsin, your heating system is one of the most important systems in your home. Your furnace is responsible for your overall comfort throughout the cold winter months. When your furnace begins to reach the end of its service life, you should consider having it replaced. A malfunctioning furnace not only prevents you from receiving reliable heating throughout the colder months, it also costs you more on energy. To learn more about getting a furnace installation, call us at (715) 283-4422 today!

How long do furnaces last?

As a general rule of thumb, a furnace should last between 15 and 20 years. There are a few things that will affect how long your furnace will last. For example, it is critical to have a properly sized system for your home. Shorter cycles put more strain on a furnace's components, so if the system is bigger than necessary, it will switch on and off too rapidly. Poor installation can also have a negative impact. Poorly constructed, scaled or sealed ducting has an effect on airflow. In addition, not doing routine maintenance and the conditions the furnace lives in all combine to determine the lifespan of a furnace. A nice clean, dry basement is a better environment than a crawl space with a dirt floor and  a lot of moisture to rust out the system.

How much does a new furnace installation cost?

A new system cost can vary greatly depending on the difficulty of the job and the type of system you want and need. A furnace is like anything else: they can start at $3500 for simplest, basic install. But you can add options, features and higher efficiencies, which will all drive the total price tag up. Your HVAC specialist will evaluate your needs and give you an accurate price quote.

What furnace is best?

Over time, the top furnace brands will deliver more consistent performance and help you save money on energy costs while keeping your home warm. Here are the top four manufacturing brands that should give you peace of mind and last 15-20 years. Anything else may only last 10-15 years. 

  • Lennox is one of the oldest furnace manufacturers in the United States. They sell top-of-the-line central air conditioners and whole-house furnaces.
  • York is one of the most well-known heating and cooling brands. It is recognized for producing tiny home furnace heating systems and is one of the leading air conditioning and heating producers.
  • Carrier air conditioners and furnace systems are known for their great quality because of their lengthy history.

Trane gas furnaces are among the best in the business when it comes to heating and cooling. Trane has been a trusted brand since the late 1800s.

What size furnace do I need for my home?

Determining the right size furnace for your home involves considering things like square footage, insulation, climate, and layout. A furnace that's too small won't adequately heat your space, while one that's too large may cycle on and off frequently, leading to inefficiency and wear. Consulting with HVAC professionals who can perform load calculations based on your home's specific requirements ensures you select the appropriately sized furnace for optimal comfort and efficiency.

We make it our priority to keep you and your family warm all winter long with our furnace installation services and Hurlburt Family Rewards Club.

Hurlburt Installs a Variety of Heating Systems

Picking the correct heating system for your home can be difficult. To ensure that you choose the best heating system for your home, we specialize in installing various types of heating systems such as:

In addition to these heating systems, we also install heating and cooling systems such as heat pump, geothermal heat pump and ductless mini split systems. If you are unsure of what heating system is right for you, we can help you pick the right system for your home’s needs.

When You Should Replace Your Furnace

You will generally need to replace your furnace about every 15 years. The frequency with which you will need to have your furnace replaced will also rely on how often you have it serviced. If you have your furnace maintenance done regularly, it will last longer than if you were to not have it serviced often.

You may need to consider having your furnace replaced sooner if it is reaching the end of its service life and requires many repairs. If you have an alternative heating system, such as a boiler, heat pump or ductless system, the frequency with which you will need to have your system replaced will vary. Regardless of the type heating system you have, consistent maintenance is a great way to get the most out of your heating system.

What Size Furnace Will You Need

When deciding on the correct furnace size you need for your home, there will be a few factors you should keep in mind, including:

  • How well insulated your home is.
  • How many windows you have in your home.
  • How large your home is (square footage and floors).
  • The climate of the area you live in.

Wisconsin is located in what is considered to be Zone 5, which requires your heating system to have 50-60 BTUs per square foot. We know that determining the correct size heating system for your home can be tricky, which is why we will advise you on the best size furnace for your needs when you receive an estimate for furnace installation. To find out more about getting furnace installation, contact Hurlburt Heating, AC & Plumbing today!

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