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Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal Repair, Service & Installation

If you are unfamiliar with what a geothermal heat pump is and how it works, start by thinking of a standard heat pump. A geothermal heat pump uses the same heat transfer process, but instead of transferring heat from the air, it transfers heat with a water solution through pipes built into the earth. Depending on how large your property is and if there is a body of water near your home, you may need horizontal, vertical, pond or well water loops installed. To find out more about getting a geothermal heat pump installed, call (715) 283-4422 today!

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Geothermal heat pumps are an energy efficient system that can last as long as 25-50 years if installed and maintained properly!

Geothermal Heat Pump Installation

Geothermal heat pumps are a great heating and cooling solution for most homes because it is long lasting, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and can be installed on most properties. Depending on how your property is set up, you should get the following loop system installed:

  • Horizontal Loop System - this system is most compatible with large properties since the trenches for the loops can be as long as 100 to 300 feet.
  • Vertical Loop System - this loop system is the best solution for a home with a small property since the trenches are shorter in length and deeper.
  • Pond Loop System - this system works well when there is a large body of water 200 feet or less from your home.
  • Well Water Loop System - this loop system is compatible with properties that have a large amount of well water available.

If you are thinking about getting a geothermal heat pump installed for your home, we can help you pick the best loop system for your needs based on your property.

Geothermal System Repair

Getting your geothermal heat pump repaired may seem daunting upon first glance, but it does not require largely invasive measures as you might imagine. If you experience an issue with your heat pump, it can be repaired fairly easily. If your geothermal heat pumps loops are the issue, the difficulty of the repair can vary. In some cases, your geothermal system’s loops can build up with minerals or a substance called scale. To fix this issue, a simple acid flushing will remove the mineral build up. If your geothermal heat pump’s loops have a leak, an HVAC technician will be able to use non-invasive methods to detect the leak and then only dig in the location of the leak.

When to Have Your Geothermal Heat Pump Serviced

Similar to a regular heat pump, you should have your geothermal heat pump system serviced at least twice a year. To get the best results, you should have your system serviced in the spring and the fall. Just like other systems, geothermal heat pumps can benefit from regular HVAC maintenance. If you have your geothermal system serviced on a consistent basis, it will operate smoother and have a longer service life. To find out more about getting our geothermal services, contact Hurlburt Heating, AC & Plumbing today!

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