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Smart Home Installation

Whether it’s just a few simple devices or you’re looking to fully automate the devices in your home, these kinds of systems: 

Smart homes are generally a more recent concept since they haven’t really been mainstream since the 2010’s, but we’ve been providing electrical and installation services since 1959, so this isn’t our first time adapting to new technology and providing professional solutions. 

That said, given how novel they are, not everyone understands how these sorts of systems work and whether they’re actually worth the money, so we’ll be explaining how this works to you throughout this article.

Once you’ve decided whether it’s for you or not, our team of expert electricians at Hurlburt can make your house a smart home quickly and at an affordable rate, so get in touch with one of our engineers today to get the ball rolling.

What Is a Smart Home?

Your home is just a few modifications away from being a smart home – these are basically houses that have the technology needed for all your systems and devices to communicate with each other remotely, meaning you can control them directly from your home wherever you’re located. 

Generally speaking, these sorts of systems tend to include 

We provide this kind of technology by leveraging something known as the Internet of Things (IoT) – essentially interconnecting all of your everyday objects, whether it’s your fridge or central heating, through the internet so that they can  send and receive data. As a result of this connectivity, you’ll be able to: 

Benefits of Smart Homes

Smart home installation

Although this kind of technology works best in bigger homes with more devices since you’ll be able to interconnect more things, it’s kind of a misconception to assume smaller homes or apartments can’t benefit from this sort of thing too:

Convenience and Automation

Whether you want to wake up to the smell of your coffee machine working or your thermostat already adjusted to the temperature you prefer – even the lights gradually brightening so you simulate a natural sunrise – you’ve got a huge range of applications with a smart home.

If you’ve got a particular morning routine that you like to follow each day, you can schedule this from any of your connected devices, too – ultimately, don’t expect your life to change completely with one of these systems, but without a doubt you’ll have far more free time at certain parts of the day now that you’ve automated a lot of your routines.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Smart thermostats, for example, learn your schedule and preferences to optimize heating and cooling, which can significantly reduce energy consumption. 

Alternatively, you can use the smart lighting systems to turn lights off automatically if you’re not in a certain room – all in all, you’ll not only have lower utility bills but a smaller carbon footprint, too.

Enhanced Security

You’ve probably heard of, or may even have, smart devices like ring doorbells in the past, but this only scratches the surface in terms of how advanced your home security can be once you start utilizing smart home systems – the following are also huge components: 

These kinds of features give you that extra peace of mind in knowing you’ve got additional protection, which can be especially useful if you live in a particularly dangerous area.

Customization and Control

Above all else, you’ll also just have a lot more flexibility in how you want your house to look and ‘behave’:

You’ve got a lot of opportunities to be creative here, so just play around with some of the capabilities and you’ll soon find a setting you can’t live without.

Make Your Home a Smart Home Today With Hurlburt 

From added convenience to improving your home security, our team of expert electricians at Hurlburt can have a smart home system installed in your house in very little time – again, you don’t need to have reservations about your house being too small to necessitate one of these devices since they’re going to be useful regardless of where you’re living. 

If you’d like to learn more about smart homes or if you’re ready to take the next step and have one installed, contact us today by calling (715) 317-5648 and we’ll be able to schedule an appointment with you in no time.

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