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Sump Pump Repair and Installation Services in West Central Wisconsin

Protecting your home in Wisconsin from flooding and excess groundwater is crucial. Fortunately, our team of expert plumbers offer top-notch sump pump repair and installation services for homeowners in areas such as Eau Claire, Menomonie, Hudson, Chippewa Falls, Baldwin, and Altoona. Give our professionals a call at (715) 283-4422 to prevent water damage in your basement. Keep your home dry and safe.

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Top 7 Reasons for Sump Pump Failure and Ways to Respond

Sump pumps are crucial for preventing flooding and water damage, particularly during heavy rain or snowmelt. Homeowners can maintain reliable sump pump operation by identifying common causes of failure and implementing appropriate solutions.

1. Defective Components

Defective components are a leading cause of sump pump issues, affecting its ability to effectively remove water from your basement or crawl space.

Common defective components include malfunctioning float switches, worn-out impellers, or damaged motor brushes. When these parts fail to function properly, the sump pump may fail to turn on or turn off. Also, the system can become inefficient in pumping water.

Our staff will identify and address defective components promptly to ensure the continued functionality of your sump pump and prevent potential flooding disasters. Regular maintenance, such as inspecting and cleaning components, can help detect and address defects before they escalate into larger problems.

2. Blockages

Blockages are another common culprit behind sump pump issues, impeding the flow of water and hindering the pump’s ability to function properly. These blockages can occur due to debris, dirt, or foreign objects accumulating in the sump pit or within the pump itself.

When blockages occur, they can cause the sump pump to:

Our team of qualified plumbers offer reputable sump pump repair services for homes in Menomonie, WI and will help you clean your sump pit and inspect your system for obstructions. Our technicians will work with you to prevent a system failure caused by blockages.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin Sump Pump Repair and Installation Services

3. Rain and Floods

Rain and floods pose significant challenges for sump pump systems, often leading to issues that compromise their effectiveness.

During heavy rainfall or flooding events, sump pumps may face:

To mitigate the impact of rain and floods on sump pump performance, homeowners can:

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4. Electrical Outages

Electrical outages are a common culprit behind sump pump issues, leaving homes vulnerable to flooding and water damage.

When faced with electrical outages, sump pumps may fail to activate in response to rising water levels. Your system may also stop pumping water out of your sump pit and leave the basement susceptible to flooding. To help you prevent water damage, our team of local plumbers can help you install a battery backup system to ensure continuous operation during power failures.

Our technicians provide extensive sump pump installation services for local residents in Hudson, Wisconsin and can work with you to install a battery backup unit. Our staff will also continuously test the backup system to verify functionality.

5. Incorrect Installation

Incorrect installation is a significant contributor to sump pump issues, compromising its efficiency and reliability.

When sump pumps are installed incorrectly, they may:

To prevent issues stemming from incorrect installation, homeowners can:

Eau Claire, Wisconsin Sump Pump Repair and Installation Services

6. Wrong Size System

A sump pump system that is the wrong size for the home’s needs can lead to various issues, compromising its effectiveness in preventing water damage.

When the sump pump system is incorrectly sized, it may struggle to keep up with the volume of water entering the sump pit, experience frequent cycling, or fail to adequately remove water during heavy rainfall or flooding events

To address issues related to the wrong size sump pump system, homeowners can:

7. Ignoring Maintenance

Ignoring maintenance is a key factor contributing to sump pump issues, as regular upkeep is essential for ensuring the system’s reliability and longevity. When maintenance is neglected, sump pumps may accumulate debris and sediment in the sump pit, leading to blockages.

Ignoring maintenance requirements can also cause wear and tear on components, reducing efficiency and effectiveness. Lastly, a neglected sump pump can develop rust or corrosion, compromising structural integrity.

To prevent issues stemming from neglected maintenance, homeowners can:

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Why Homeowners Trust Our Team of Professional Plumbers

With a focus on customer satisfaction, our experienced plumbers are equipped to handle a wide range of plumbing issues efficiently and effectively.

We proudly offer sump pump installation and repair services for homeowners in areas of Wisconsin such as Mondovi, River Falls, Osseo, Woodville, Eau Claire, Prescott, and Menomonie. Our technicians are available to offer prompt and reliable service whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Why Work With the Licensed Plumbers at Hurlburt?

Eau Claire, Wisconsin Sump Pump Repair and Installation Services

Sump Pump Repair and Installation Services for Homes in Eau Claire, Menomonie, and Surrounding Areas in Wisconsin

The staff at our plumbing repair company stands as a trusted provider of sump pump repair and replacement services for homeowners across Wisconsin. With our team of licensed plumbers, we deliver reputable solutions to address sump pump issues efficiently and effectively.

From repairs to full installations, our experts are equipped with the knowledge and skills to ensure your sump pump operates reliably to protect your home from potential water damage. Contact our licensed plumbers at (715) 283-4422 to receive sump pump maintenance and other plumbing repair services.

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Carol Hagmann
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Jeremiah Segerstrom
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Thank you Mike for servicing our water heater and trouble shooting the issue quickly. I appreciate your friendliness and professionalism. God bless!!
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We were treated like family! From start to finish, we experienced expert, direct, and honest advice and guidance. All of the work was completed professionally with every step done right and as promised. We were given time to figure out what was best for our home and budget. The plumbing and water in our home has never been better! A special thank you to Mark, Adam and the front desk staff for your efforts.
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