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Electrical Panel Replacement and Repair Services in West Central Wisconsin and Minnesota

From decorative lights to some of your more essential kitchen appliances, electricity is far from a luxury and needs to be considered as one of the most vital features of your home. While we know that most people realize the importance of having a reliable electrical system throughout your home, you would be surprised at how many people ignore the key signs that indicate you’ve got faults with it, which is where our team at Hurlburt comes in. 

Our team of expert electricians offer reputable electrical panel replacement and repair services for homeowners in West Central Wisconsin and Minnesota. We’ve been providing circuit panel upgrades and other forms of electrical repairs to homes and businesses for over 65 years, so we know exactly how to install them properly and ensure you avoid any kinds of faults or inefficiencies –

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When Do I Need To Think About Circuit Panel Upgrades?

Some of these issues are more precarious than others, but for the most part, the following issues are telltale signs that there is probably something wrong with your electrical panel and it requires an update.

It’s not always necessarily something that you personally are doing to cause these kinds of issues – general wear and tear over time is always going to play a part – but regardless of the reasons that caused it, you will need upgrades for:

Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

If you find yourself having to constantly reset your circuit breakers, it’s got to the point where it’s past coincidence and instead highly indicative that your panel isn’t managing the electrical load it’s under very well. This kind of thing is obviously annoying, but it’s something our expert engineers can easily repair upon servicing your home.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

Similarly to the circuit breaker trips, this is usually a sign that your panel is overloaded or generally isn’t distributing power evenly enough. Again, we can solve this particular issue easily by performing an electrical panel replacement. This will ensure you have consistently bright lights across your home.

Burning Odors or Scorch Marks

The last two issues were just inconvenient, but this is way more serious as it’s a strong indication that your panel is overheating and could potentially pose a fire hazard. If you notice these sorts of odors or scorch marks in your home, we can provide emergency installation services to prevent any further damage to your home.

Old Fuse Box

If you’ve got a slightly less modern home – not even an antique home, necessarily, but built before 1995 – there’s a good chance that your home still uses an old fuse box that doesn’t meet modern safety standards.

New Appliances

If you’re planning on adding certain kitchen appliances that are relatively high-demand – like a new washing machine, for instance – you’ll likely need an upgrade to your circuit panel so that they function correctly and don’t overload your system.

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How Often Do I Need My Circuit Panel Inspected?

Our team of qualified electricians generally recommend scheduling our services every 3-5 years so we can ensure that there is nothing faulty about it and is functioning as it should be. 

If you’re generally taking care of it and aren’t overloading the circuit panel, it’s unlikely that we will find anything wrong with it – that said, not every circuit panel fault is as obvious as a burning smell, so we’d be able to spot anything that’s amiss before it ends up developing into something more serious

Finally, we’d suggest you opt for slightly more frequent inspections if you have a particularly old home, or even just if you notice some of the warning signs that we touched on earlier in the article.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

While the inspections we offer are crucial for keeping your circuit panel functioning properly over the years, the inspections are only going to become more frequent if you are still using an old panel that hasn’t been upgraded yet.

Our team of certified electricians provide innovative electrical panel replacement services for homes in areas of Wisconsin and Minnesota such as Eau Claire, Woodbury, Menomonie, Cottage Grove, Hudson, and Stillwater. To help you determine if it’s time to replace your old electrical panel, we have created a list of the main benefits of upgrading your system.

Improved Safety: You will be massively minimizing your odds of electrical fires or any other kinds of hazards since all the panels we install come with advanced safety features.

Increased Capacity: We’ve talked a lot about overloads, but new panels with much more stable power supplies are able to manage a greater electrical load – this way you can expand your home or add new appliances without worrying about overloading.

Enhanced Reliability: Following on from the previous point, you can forget about frequent outages and downtime on your devices now that you’ve got a much more reliable power supply.

Electrical Panel Replacement and Repair Services in West Central Wisconsin and Minnesota

Electrical Panel Upgrade and Repair Services in Eau Claire, Woodbury, Cottage Grove, and Other Areas

Whether you need a complete breaker panel service or just a fuse box upgrade, all of our expert electricians are fully trained in the latest safety protocols and can solve whatever problem you throw at us.

Our technicians offer reputable electrical panel repair and replacement services for homes in areas such as Eau Claire, Oakdale, Hudson, Cottage Grove, Mahtomedi, and Woodbury. We’ve been at this for over 65 years, so we won’t be surprised or unequipped for anything. If you’d like to learn more or schedule an appointment, get in touch with our team today by giving us a ring at (715) 283-4422 .

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Julie Heintz
Julie Heintz
02:56 24 Jul 24
My service technician who was doing my AC check and clean was Trevor Pollitt who was very professional and answered my questions. I had a concern with my new furnace that was installed last fall, regarding it being a bit louder than my old HVAC system was. He took the time to listen and addressed my concerns and my issue was resolved. I am very pleased with the service I received today.
Jim Erickson
Jim Erickson
18:47 23 Jul 24
Colten did a nice job of checking furnace and air conditioning. Cooper and Daman liked him too!
erick son
erick son
16:14 23 Jul 24
Nate was very knowledgeable about his work.Looked at what I needed done and had it fixed in half the time I thought it would take.Left it so clean you couldn't even tell they were here.Have used Hurlburt quite a few times and always happy with their work.
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