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Residential Boilers

What is a boiler and how does it work?

A boiler is a heating unit that can be configured to burn natural gas, propane, oil or electric to fuel the system that heats your home. A good boiler is a very durable, long-lasting solution to heat your home.

Most residential gas boilers don’t actually boil water – they just heat it. The hot water is then pumped into radiators, under-floor tubing, or to a heat exchanger. Wall-mounted radiators and hot water baseboards use their boiler-supplied hot water to warm rooms by radiation and convection. A gas boiler can also supply a forced-air heating system with hot water needed for its heat exchangers.

In order to maintain your boiler in a safe operating state it is important to have it maintained at least once a year. Hurlburt technicians are trained to service, replace and install a wide variety of boiler brands and types.

A boiler that is more than 10 years old may be operating inefficient even when functioning properly because, relative to modern high efficiency equipment, it was designed inefficiently. When installed properly by a certified Hurlburt technician, a new boiler system can operate at up to 90% efficiency or more. This translates in to a more effective system that will not only save energy but also money.

We are equipped to repair boiler systems including the following:

  • Dunkirk
  • IBC
  • Navien
  • Weil McLain
  • Burnham
  • Buderus
  • Peerless
  • Lochinvar
  • Crown
  • Smith
  • Triangle Tube
  • Columbia
  • And More!

What you need to know about boilers

Thinking about installing a boiler for home heating and hot water? We explain what you should be looking for in a boiler and what makes OUR boilers different from others on the market. We can answer your questions on a variety of boiler topics and components including: boiler efficiency, firing rate, outdoor temperature sensors, variable speed blowers, domestic hot water, expansion tanks, pumps vs. zone valves, air elimination, flow check valves, purge valves, safety devices, set up and installation procedures.

What we cover in our Tune ups

  • Cycle boiler from thermostat to verify unit is functioning
  • Inspect system for general problems (water leakage, burnt wires, physical damage)
  • Verify appropriate supply of combustion air to boiler system
  • Inspect boiler circuits for presence of air in piping
  • Check for accumulation of dirt or rust on vent piping or draft hood. Also verify there are no holes, sagging of pipe, or signs of damage
  • Ensure flue is sealed at chimney base
  • Check boiler pressurization and add or remove pressure if needed
  • Check condition and operation of all air elimination devices
  • Check and test boiler high limit aquastat control & settings
  • Drain expansion test (if applicable)
  • Inspect expansion tanks for evidence of leakage or air infiltration
  • If expansion tank is “diaphragm” type, check for proper pressurization
  • Ensure that the safety relief valve pipe is 6” above the floor and that there are no leaks present
  • Check and document flue draft readings using a draft meter
  • Test low water cut-off devices for proper operation (if applicable)
  • Test operation of any and all safety devices
  • Complete a comprehensive combustion analysis and document all readings
  • Check for appropriate gas pressure both from the meter and to the manifold
  • Verify there are no gas leaks on piping with a leak detection solution and/or electronic leak detector
  • Verify proper operation of all circulator pumps, zone valves, and relays
  • Check and inspect flame ignition and proving circuits
  • Oil/lubricate motors or pumps (if applicable)
  • Test for proper voltage to the boiler
  • Verify integrity of all wiring/electrical connections

Boiler Repair Eau Claire, Menomonie & Hudson Wisconsin

As the premier gas boiler repair company in the Eau Claire, Menomonie and Hudson area, we have the parts in stock to repair most brands including parts for Weil McLain boilers, Navien boilers and many more. We provide upfront prices before we do any repairs so you’ll know exactly what the cost to repair your boiler will be before we fix your gas boiler. We stock many boiler pumps on all of our trucks so we can get your infloor heating system or hot water heater system back working again fast! When you’re looking for someone to fix or repair your boiler near me, call Hurlburt Heating & Plumbing. Call us at @ (715) 283-4422 or schedule online for a quick boiler repair at a reasonable cost!