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Water and Sewer Line Repair Services in West Central Wisconsin

Get reliable plumbing support from the team of local plumbers at Hurlburt. From addressing the smallest appliance leaks to restoring running water to your home after a burst pipe, our team can do it all.

Our professionals offer water and sewer line repair services for homeowners in areas of West Central Wisconsin such as Eau Claire, Hudson, Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, Altoona, and River Falls. Contact our technicians at (715) 283-4422 to receive support.

Top 8 Signs of a Damaged Water Line in Your House

Not sure how to tell if there is a damaged water line in your home? Here are the top eight signs of plumbing damage:

1. Water Puddles

If you find any water puddles in your home, that is a big problem. It means that something has been leaking for a while. It could be something as simple as a leaky toilet, or a more serious issue with the main water line in your home.

In order to tell if it is an issue with the main water line, check to see if the puddles are large enough that they leak out to your driveway or yard.

2. Poor Water Pressure

If you notice low water pressure all over your home, this is an indicator there is a very large leak somewhere in your plumbing system. If the water pressure is only low in a specific area of your home or with a specific appliance, it could mean there is sediment buildup in your pipes.

3. Bubbling Noises Coming from Water Lines

Bubbling noises coming from your pipes are more often than not bad news. It is indicative of a burst pipe, or a pipe that is leaking. If you notice bubbling, or hissing, it is in your best interest to call our team of professional plumbers to check out the situation.

4. Clogged Bathroom and Kitchen Drains

If the kitchen and bathroom consistently get clogged, the issue can lie in a main water line leak. Although kitchen or bathroom clogs happen occasionally, the culprit is usually something blocking the pipes. Although if it happens frequently, it’s not a blockage—it could be a leak.

River Falls, Wisconsin Water and Sewer Line Repair Services

5. Discolored Water

The water coming out of your shower, toilet, kitchen sink, and bathroom faucet should never be anything other than clear. If you notice dirt and debris or discoloration in the water coming out from your appliances, it may be the result of a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. Contact a plumber immediately if the water coming out of your sink or shower is dirty.

6. Odors

Do you notice bad odors, especially in the kitchen or bathroom? Does the smell seem to be coming from the water? Your water should never have a foul odor coming from it. Fortunately, our team offers comprehensive sewer line repair services for homes in River Falls, Wisconsin and will work with you to determine the root cause of the odors.

7. Foundational Cracks

Foundational cracks in your home mean that water has seeped into the materials and has caused water damage. Check for cracks in the concrete, wood, or anything else around the foundation of your home.

8. High Water Bills

Last but not least, high water bills could indicate that you need water and sewer line repair services. If you notice your bills being higher than usual, it is probably because water is being wasted somewhere due to a leak.

Common Sewer Line Problems and Why It’s Important to Call Our Professional Plumbers

If you are experiencing any issues with your sewer line, call the professional plumbers at Hurlburt as soon as you can. Sewer line problems must always be addressed by licensed and certified plumbers for quick remediation and lasting solutions.

Sewer line problems are especially dangerous because wastewater within the pipes is highly hazardous. If a sewer pipe leaks or bursts, and sewer water gets out, it could cause a health hazard and environmental hazard because of all the bacteria and pathogens within the wastewater.

Tree Root Growth

As trees continue growing, so do their roots. Unfortunately, tree root growth is not something that can be easily prevented, avoided, or foreseen. The intrusion of tree roots into a pipe can cause significant damage and even lead to blockages and clogs. Tree root growth cannot be remedied on your own; you must call a professional plumbing team to address the issue.


Blockages are a common problem in sewer lines. Clogs can be caused by anything—tree roots, grease, debris, or other materials. Some of the most common items clogging up drains are cooking grease, wet wipes, cotton swabs, sanitary pads, and food.

To make sure pipes are clog-free, it is important that drains be cleaned occasionally. Our team of qualified plumbers offer reputable sewer line repair services for customers in Hudson, Wisconsin and have the tools required to eliminate blockages in your pipes.


As pipes get old, they deteriorate. They will begin to crack and corrode because of old age and other factors, including soil pH, moisture, chemicals, and different fluctuations in temperature. These cracks and corrosion can lead to further damage and may even result in bursts or completely broken pipes.

Sagging or Collapsed Pipes

As pipes deteriorate, they can sag or begin to collapse. This is especially true for sewer line pipes because they undergo a lot. Sometimes, a sagging pipe can also be caused by the soil around the pipe, and not always corrosion.

Soil can soften and shift, dislodging the original placement of the pipe. This can result in wastewater leaving the pipes, or improper flow of water, which leads to a blockage.

Bellied or Misaligned Sewer Lines

A bellied or misaligned sewer line is when a pipe shifts out of place, which can cause the wastewater to pool in the affected area, leading to blockages and increased bacterial growth. If this happens, it can be hard to catch before it’s too late.

Off-Grade Pipes

Off-grade pipes are the result of pipes that have been installed improperly and don't adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications or plumbing code. Pipes like this are more prone to backups, leaks, and collapse.

Hurlburt Team

Water and Sewer Line Repair Services in Eau Claire, River Falls, Hudson, and Other Areas

If you notice discolored water, foul smells, reduced water pressure, or any other issues that are indicative of a blockage or sewer line problem, call the professionals at Hurlburt by phone at (715) 283-4422 . We offer 24/7 emergency repairs, day or night, so we can restore water to your property as soon as possible

Some of our water and sewer line repair services include addressing water leaks, burst pipes, overflowed toilets, a water heater that isn’t working properly, or sewage backups. We service Eau Claire, River Falls, Hudson, Baldwin, Prescott, Menomonie, and the surrounding areas.

Contact us today to get water and sewer line repair or any other plumbing services you need.

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Julie Heintz
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My service technician who was doing my AC check and clean was Trevor Pollitt who was very professional and answered my questions. I had a concern with my new furnace that was installed last fall, regarding it being a bit louder than my old HVAC system was. He took the time to listen and addressed my concerns and my issue was resolved. I am very pleased with the service I received today.
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Jim Erickson
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Colten did a nice job of checking furnace and air conditioning. Cooper and Daman liked him too!
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erick son
16:14 23 Jul 24
Nate was very knowledgeable about his work.Looked at what I needed done and had it fixed in half the time I thought it would take.Left it so clean you couldn't even tell they were here.Have used Hurlburt quite a few times and always happy with their work.
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