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AC Repair Stillwater, MN 

Stillwater in Minnesota sits on the mighty St. Croix River, which sometimes opens the passage for low-level winds to pass through the town. As such, temperatures in Stillwater are often unpredictable, landing unexpectedly hot days regularly throughout the year. During summer months, temperatures reach heights of 95 degrees!

As a Stillwater resident, you likely rely on a household air conditioning unit to navigate hot temperatures comfortably. Regular maintenance and a reliable repair contact, such as Hurlburt, is the best way to ensure you’re well-prepared for hotter periods. The last thing you need is to own a failing A/C when you most need it!

Call Hurlburt today for professional A/C repairs in Stillwater.

When Should I Repair My A/C?

Thinking that repairing your air conditioning unit is a task reserved for the summer might not always be accurate. Although you may not use it frequently in all seasons, delaying repairs until the last moment is risky. Addressing any malfunctions promptly should prevent long-term performance issues and ensure access to cool air when you need it.

Using a faulty air conditioner could leave you more susceptible to health hazards such as fatigue, headaches and dizziness due to overheating. Vulnerable groups like seniors and children are at risk during days. Therefore, it’s advisable to ensure your A/C is in working order before the heat waves hit to maintain an environment for everyone.

At Hurlburt, our dedicated team is available round the clock for air conditioning repairs. We offer dependable services at your convenience to keep your property cool and comfortable. Contact us today regardless of your location, in Stillwater.

Why Routine A/C Maintenance is Important

Routine maintenance is the best way to keep A/C systems performing effectively and efficiently. Continue these practices throughout the colder months to prevent prolonged activity, causing internal components to stagnate and ensure you’re well-prepared for the warmer months of May to September. 

Health concerns also drive the need for regular A/C maintenance. Allergens, dust, and pollen could build up inside your unit. The A/C could then propel these particles into the air, triggering irritant symptoms like coughing, rashes, and flu. This side of maintenance involves regular A/C unit cleaning to ensure it pumps our fresh air. 

When you hire Hurlburt, we can offer excellent A/C maintenance services in Stillwater. We’ll make sure your air conditioning works properly, so you’re always ready for hot days.

Common Problems with A/C in Stillwater, MN

There are many things that can affect and damage an A/C unit, causing all sorts of problems. In Stillwater, the most common air conditioner problems we see include:

  1. Leaks and Holes: Refrigerant gas responsible for reducing household temperatures can leak from small cracks that develop over time. If you hear a hissing sound or feel warm air coming from the air conditioning unit, you may have a coolant leak. Left unattended, the issue could lead to reduced energy efficiency and poor performance.
  2. Frozen Coils: Moisture in the air can come into contact with the evaporator coils inside the A/C, which then condenses and freezes to the components. This, in turn, causes the unit to stop working by blocking the filters and the flow of air. To fix this issue, you should book an appointment with Hurlburt and we can replace your air filters quickly.
  3. Malfunctioning Fan Motors: The fan motor propels cooled air out of the machine to cool the room. Without it, A/C units struggle to regulate temperatures. Moisture, cold temperatures, corrosion, inactivity, and general wear-and-tear can all prevent the fan motor from working, making this an important component to maintain. 
  4. Broken Thermostats: If your thermostat’s output doesn’t reconcile with the room’s physical temperature, your A/C internal controls could be broken. The issue is caused by frequent temperature fluctuations, faulty wiring, and old parts. Contact our team of specialist engineers to analyze and repair any faulty thermostats. 
  5. Drainage Issues: Air conditioners have drains that remove liquid that collects inside the unit. In cold states like Minnesota, freezing temperatures can create build-ups of water that cause damage and mold growth. By calling our technicians, you can clear your blocked drains and get your air conditioner working again.

These are common A/C problems in Stillwater, particularly during the colder months when air conditioners are left inactive. With routine inspections and professional servicing from Hurlburt, you can ensure your A/C remains functional and efficient.

Get Your A/C Repaired Today

If you’re located in Stillwater and require specialist support maintaining and repairing A/C units, contact us today and arrange an appointment. We’ll happily accommodate full-service installations if it’s time to renew your existing cooling equipment. You can also reach us by booking directly through our website. A member of our team will respond and attend your query promptly. 

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