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Heating, A/C, and Plumbing Services in Stillwater, MN

Stillwater is renowned for its freezing winters and golden summers. A reliable heating, cooling, and plumbing system is a necessity when facing highs of 86°F and lows of 5°F.

For over 65 years, our dedicated team has installed, maintained, and replaced all kinds of temperature controls and plumbing systems When you enlist Hurlburt, you’ll gain access to 24/7 assistance and a friendly team of expert tradespeople, adept at handling a wide variety of temperature control equipment. 

Furnace & Heating Installation and Repair

Between autumn and spring, Stillwater faces chilly temperatures that plummet into minus figures. A reliable heating system or furnace is the best way to regulate household temperatures and prevent mold or condensation from forming in colder periods. 

Our skilled team will gladly install new boilers, furnaces, electric heaters, and more. We have considerable experience with all brands, including Trane and Lennox, to ensure the best possible service. We’ll also attend properties to repair existing heating systems, helping you restore a comfortable household temperature. 

Furnace Installations

Is your home lacking a heating system? Are you building a new property and need to fit a boiler? Our team provides expert installation services for residential boilers, equipping your home with the latest in heating technology. Get ready for those cold Stillwater winds - call us today for quick boiler installations.

Heating Repair

To prepare yourself for those cold winter months, you’ll need a functioning boiler. Our furnace repair services are highly praised in the Stillwater area, as our heating specialists can assess your system and quickly determine exactly what the problem is. With their tools on hand, they can also apply the relevant solutions there and then, helping you return to comfortable levels of coziness in no time.

Furnace Replacement

If your furnace is outdated or inefficient, you should get in touch with us immediately. Aside from helping you get warm again, we can remove your faulty furnace before it becomes unsafe. Our dedicated team works quickly to replace your old boiler with a state-of-the-art appliance, boosting your own comfort and saving you money on bills with added energy efficiency.

A/C & Cooling Installation and Repair

Fortunately for Stillwater residents, the chilly winds and cool days don’t last forever. When the sun starts to blast its rays and the summer arrives for good, your first thoughts will be on your air conditioning system. At Hurlburt, we provide some exceptional A/C and cooling services to ensure you remain comfortable even on the hottest of summer days

Central Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

Has property yet to benefit from central air conditioning? Has your A/C unit decided to give up on you right before a heatwave is due? Contact Hurlburt today for reliable A/C installations and replacements. Even if your air conditioning has been a dedicated servant for many years, it’s always worth replacing every few years to maximize your home comfort and keep up to date with the ever-improving technology available.

A/C Repair Service

Air conditioners will make rattling sounds, emit strange odors, or perform ineffectively when something malfunctions. If you notice these symptoms, t’s time to call our team. We’ll use our skills and experience to diagnose the problem and fix the issue quickly, helping you stay cool and relaxed during heat waves.

Quality Plumbing Services

Problems with your tap’s water flow? Has a pipe sprung a leak and now you need urgent repairs? The Hurlburt team is always on hand to provide expert plumbing services around Stillwater, Minnesota - just give our friendly plumbers a call.

Tankless Water Heaters

Upgrade your property with the latest in water heater technology! We provide specialized tankless water heater installations to all homes in the Stillwater area, bringing you convenient and space-saving heaters for your shower and sink water.

Water Heater Replacement

Water heaters typically last up to eight years before they need replacing. Brutally cold winters with freezing temperatures can also age old-style systems. Call us if your water heater is leaking, shows signs of corrosion, or has a blockage. Our team pledges to attend your property promptly to fit a replacement. With our skills and experience, entrust us to get your water back on and flowing nicely in no time!

Local Plumbing Services

From simple pipe replacements to specialized connections with contemporary boiler systems, we provide efficient, long-lasting plumbing services throughout Stillwater. Our team can handle any kind of job, regardless of size or difficulty, giving you the help you need quickly and reliably.

Emergency Plumbing Repair

Weather and old age can corrode or weaken your property’s piping, resulting in bursts and leaks. Water can quickly escape splits and loose connections, causing flooding to internal rooms or damp build up around the property’s exterior. 

Fortunately, when a crisis emerges, we’re available to provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services to all properties in Stillwater. Our efficient incident response strives to prevent excessive damage to your home’s structure and possessions. 

Electrical Services In Stillwater, MN

At Hurlburt Heating, AC & Plumbing in Stillwater, MN, we offer a full suite of electrical services to ensure the optimal safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical installations. Our proficient team handles everything from immediate electrical repairs to installing whole-home generators that ensure power continuity during blackouts, and managing your electrical panel services, which are critical to the core functionality and safety of your home's electrical system. Whether it’s an upgrade to handle more appliances or a standard safety verification, Hurlburt’s experts deliver peace of mind with each service.

Electrical Installation In Stillwater, MN

The team at Hurlburt provides top-tier electrical installation services designed to increase the comfort and functionality of your home. Whether you're interested in modern lighting solutions that transform your spaces or need extra outlets for a growing number of devices, Hurlburt is equipped to assist. We also specialize in the installation of ceiling fans, which help regulate indoor temperature and improve energy efficiency. With a strong commitment to safety and meticulous execution, every installation by Hurlburt is performed to the highest standards.

Duct Cleaning Services In Stillwater, MN

Our experts specialize in duct cleaning services that enhance air conditioning performance and improve indoor air quality. As ductwork accumulates dust, allergens, and debris over time, airflow becomes impeded, reducing HVAC system efficiency. Utilizing Hurlburt’s duct cleaning can restore airflow to optimal levels, ensuring efficient operation of your air conditioning and helping to reduce energy costs and extend the system’s lifespan. Additionally, the removal of these contaminants dramatically improves the quality of the air in your home, minimizing respiratory irritants and ensuring a healthier living environment.

Why is Hurlburt Right for You?

We are a group of experienced specialists with over 65 years of experience installing and maintaining temperature and waterway systems. If you’re looking for a specialist team that genuinely cares about the integrity of your home’s temperature control and plumbing efficiency, we’re the right option for you. Our extensive knowledge of HVAC and drainage combined with our strong family values gives us the drive to bring the help you need.

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