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A/C Maintenance Stillwater, MN

Despite its freezing winters, Stillwater greets beautifully hot summers every year, with temperatures climbing to 85°F and above. Household air conditioning units help residents across Minnesota withstand hot periods coolly and comfortably. They use refrigerant gas to blow fresh air around properties to reduce humidity and improve ventilation.

During winter months, A/Cs may face prolonged periods of inactivity, causing performance issues to arise when warmer periods begin. As such, a reliable maintenance contact is always useful. 

At Hurlburt, we provide high-quality A/C maintenance and repair services to every Stillwater home. Our services involve attending your property, diagnosing the problem, and implementing a long-term solution that ensures relief against hot, stagnated air. 

With 60+ years of experience, enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands with Hurlburt. Contact us for routine maintenance checks and effective problem-solving. With our help, broken parts, dust build-ups, and corrosion will become a thing of the past!

How Often Does My A/C Need Maintenance?

Service your air conditioner at least once every year to achieve optimal performance. Schedule a maintenance check with our team via telephone or online. During our visit we’ll take thermostat readings, clean air vents, and check for wear-and-tear. We’ll also give you suggestions of how to care for your A/C when it’s not in use.

The colder months of October to February are the best time to service your A/C, because you’re less likely to need it at short notice. Not only does this give inactive A/C systems some winter care, but it also means your unit will work proficiently when warmer climates do hit. 

If our findings indicate that a full replacement is needed, you’ll have plenty of time to procure a new system. We’ll gladly provide affordable and effective installation services, irrespective of the unit you purchase. 

The Benefits of Routine A/C Maintenance

After a pleasant stroll beside the St. Croix river on a summer’s day, you’d expect to return home to the relief of your A/C’s cool air, allowing you to relax. Coming home to a hot and stuffy living environment doesn’t quite hit the mark! Our routine A/C maintenance service can occur at least once every six months to avoid this scenario taking place. 

Leisure activities aside, routine A/C maintenance is an effective way to reduce health risks. Dust, pollen, and other allergens can gradually build up inside the air vents and ducts. When released by the fan motor, you could experience irritating symptoms, like rashes, dryness, and coughs. Our regular maintenance involves a full service cleaning using specialist materials, locking in that freshness.

Fresh ventilation is also a great way to prevent condensation and black mold. Damp walls and spore growth are linked to more serious, long-lasting health conditions. Not only does our service ensure clean air moves around your home, but we prevent your A/C from also releasing condensed water. 

Additionally, regular upkeep of your A/C unit will minimize the possibilities of severe damage and breakages. Paying for a service every so often is a lot cheaper than replacing an entire unit because of frost build-up or damaged pipes.

Common A/C Issues in Stillwater, MN

Over the course of 8 to 10, A/C units will deteriorate due to gradual wear-and-tear and start. In the interim, regular maintenance can mitigate the risk of investing in a replacement A/C prematurely. 

Across our 65 years in the HVAC and plumbing business, here are the most common A/C problems we see in Stillwater homes: 

Stay Cool with Hurlburt A/C Services

Our services are the best in Stillwater. We serve every property with a smile, working to fix your A/C units quickly and transparently. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of togetherness through relaxation at home. Proper temperature control year-round is the best way to foster a comfortable living environment. 

Call us today or use the online form on our website to book a service for your air conditioning.

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