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St Paul Park, MN AC Installation

Whether enjoying a stroll along the Mississippi River or spending a day at Como Park, St Paul Park residents will understand the struggle of dealing with those smoldering temperatures. For those living in this city 5 miles downstream from the capital of Minnesota, this makes reliable air conditioning more important than ever during the summer months.

Our heating and cooling experts here at Hurlburt have over 60 years of experience in selecting and installing quality A/C systems at affordable prices. We’ve helped more than 250,000 property owners update their HVAC systems since 1959, and we’re happy to guide you through the entire process, from checking your electrical system to handling hazardous A/C refrigerant chemicals. 

When Should I Install a New A/C System?

The older your A/C unit, the more energy it will generally consume, which is why we recommend a complete system replacement if yours is currently 10 to 15 years old. 

Modern A/C systems are built with more efficient components, which offer both energy and cost savings in the long run. They’re also better at replacing heat or humidity with cold air, therefore keeping your home at a constant cool temperature even when temperatures reach 90 degrees outside.

However, knowing when it’s worth installing a new conditioner instead of getting a few repairs can be tricky, especially if yours shows little evidence of shutting down. Here are some signs that we look out for when recommending an A/C replacement:

The Benefits of Replacing Your A/C Unit

As we’ve mentioned, upgrading your HVAC systems provides a more effective cooling solution for your home, while helping you save significant money on running costs in the future. 

Newer units don’t need to work as hard to maintain constant indoor temperatures, meaning that they deliver a faster rate of cooling – your home should therefore be cool and comfortable as soon as you step through the door. Energy efficient systems are also more environmentally friendly, so we’re helping to save the planet with every installation job!

Plus, you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars on emergency repairs as often; instead, book one or two A/C maintenance appointments throughout the year and we’ll fix any small issues before they escalate.

How to Choose a New Air Conditioner

At Hurlburt, we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing a new A/C system. We therefore visit every property before starting any installation job to assess your unique requirements, from preparing the space to checking the strength of electrical connections. 

The two key factors that we consider when helping you select the best A/C unit for your home are as follows:


Central air conditioners tend to be the most popular choice for residents of St Paul Park as they offer a comprehensive cooling solution for your whole home, distributing air through the property’s existing ductwork. 

While central units have lower installation costs, ductless mini-split A/C systems are often cheaper in terms of running costs, simply because they split your home into zones. This means that you can lower the temperature of specific rooms, which is ideal if you spend more time in one area of the property than others. 

These versatile systems also double up as a heat pump during the winter and operate more quietly thanks to the compressor being located outside. 


Selecting the right size A/C system will ensure that your entire home maintains a constant cool temperature throughout those hot summer days. 

Units that are too small for the space will be ineffective, while those that are too big will be frequently cycling, meaning they’ll switch themselves on and off. As well as unnecessarily increasing energy costs, cycling also puts the system at risk of permanent damage.

We’ll recommend the best size for your property by considering the following questions:

Enjoy Expert A/C Installation in St Paul Park Today

Reliable air conditioning is a vital investment for anyone living in St Paul Park or the neighboring suburbs of Cottage Grove and Newport, especially during the summer months. 

Contact Hurlburt today and our leading HVAC technicians will source and install the best system for your home, ensuring that you’ll have an effective cooling solution when the Minnesota heat hits.

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