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AC Repair in St Paul Park, MN 

For those living in St Paul Park, temperatures of up to 90 degrees make high-quality air conditioning not only a luxury, but a necessity during the hotter months. Humid summers and freezing winters put considerable strain on our HVAC systems, however, meaning they often work less effectively than required.

Don’t wait until your A/C unit completely shuts down to call a reliable repair service – get us to check out that rattling sound or malfunctioning thermostat straight away! At Hurlburt, we have over 60 years of experience in everything from cleaning clogged air filters to fixing fan motors, so there’s no problem that we can’t solve. 

We’ve been keeping residents of St Paul Park and the surrounding Cottage Grove and Newport suburbs cool since 1959. Trust our HVAC experts to diagnose and repair your A/C system for an affordable price all year round, even amongst the often unforgiving conditions of the Minnesota climate.

When Should I Get My A/C System Repaired?

Avoid big and expensive repairs later down the line by getting your A/C system fixed right away. Small leaks or foul smells coming from the unit won’t seem like such a big issue from November to March when temperatures reach lows of 7℉. However, come July when you’re out at Como Park and the Mississippi River breeze isn’t keeping you cool, you’ll wish you’d invested in those simple repair jobs earlier on in.

Look out for the following signs that your cooling system isn’t working quite the way it should:

For repair jobs that are likely to cost more than $1,500, we may instead recommend a complete system replacement. We can advise you on the right size central air conditioner or mini-split ductless unit for your space, so contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.

The Benefits of A/C Maintenance

Arriving home from a picnic at Lake Phalen or a wander through the Growing Together Community Garden to a broken air conditioner are scenarios you’ll want to avoid – especially in a city where temperatures can reach 83℉.

While we do offer last-minute services for those unavoidable emergencies, big repairs like complete condenser replacements can take weeks to complete, leaving your home without a cooling solution. This could be the least of your worries if we discover a mold infestation that’s developed over time, which can reduce air quality and weaken the structural timbers of your home. Plus, exposure to high temperatures without relief puts young children and older adults at risk of heat stroke, a condition that, sadly, can be fatal.

Ensure that these issues are detected and fixed early on by scheduling regular A/C maintenance. Ideally, we’d suggest booking two appointments throughout the year: one during spring before the hot temperatures hit and another in the rainy fall months to protect your system from snowy conditions.

St. Paul Park’s Most Common A/C Issues

Living on the east banks of the Mississippi River and just 5 miles downstream from St Paul City certainly has its perks, but the extreme temperatures of the climate here pose many problems for our air conditioning systems.

Here are some of the common A/C maintenance issues we’re used to diagnosing and fixing within this Minnesota city: 

Book a Reliable A/C Repair Service Today

There’s no need for any St Paul Park resident to face 90-degree temperatures alone this summer – contact Hurlburt now and we’ll talk you through every HVAC service we offer to prepare your home, from A/C repairs to plumbing services


Failing to replace air filters every 1 to 3 months or ignoring that constant temperature cycling are both expensive and unnecessary mistakes that can be avoided with a few simple fixes. Call our friendly team at (715) 317-5648 today or provide us with some key details online to book your repair.

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