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AC Maintenance in St Paul Park, MN 

Every St Paul Park home needs two essential systems: an effective heat source for those frigid winter months and a reliable air conditioner during those 90-degree temperatures. However, something that’s often forgotten about when it comes to either of these systems is the importance of their upkeep.

Living in a climate where temperatures reach an average high of 83℉ in the summer puts reliable A/C systems at risk of damage, which can require thousands of dollars to fix. Regular maintenance is therefore crucial for keeping your home comfortable and your family free from the dangers of heat exhaustion.

Avoid arriving home from a picnic at Lake Phalen or a hike through Como Park to a broken air conditioner by recruiting a professional HVAC company. Hurlburt has more than 60 years of experience in providing long-term cooling solutions, so you can feel peace of mind with our reliable maintenance services. Call us today to book your effective diagnosis and routine maintenance appointment!

How Often Does My A/C System Need Maintenance?

Maintain constant cool temperatures throughout those smoldering summers by scheduling at least two A/C maintenance appointments each year. St Paul Park homes generally benefit from getting checked out in spring, around April time, to prepare A/C systems for the intense humidity levels, and later on during the fall months before winter.

While the second appointment may seem unnecessary, a pre-winter check-up is actually just as important –  an average 49 inches of snow and strong winds often create blizzard conditions, which can cause evaporator coils to freeze over. This leads to blocked airflow, stopping the air conditioner from effectively cooling the room and encouraging potential system damage. 

The Benefits of Maintaining Your A/C Unit

The musty odor or excessive hot air that’s been blowing from your A/C unit for weeks shouldn’t be ignored, as they can be early indicators of bigger issues, such as mold growth or a broken condenser.

Simple repair tasks such as replacing air filters, unclogging pipes, fixing faulty wires, and topping up refrigerant levels may prevent you from having to pay for a complete system replacement in the future. Not only is this expensive, but installing a new air conditioner sometimes takes weeks, therefore leaving your home without an effective cooling solution – this can make it difficult to avoid dangerous conditions like heat stroke, along with reducing the air quality

Taking a preventative rather than a reactive approach therefore reduces the need for emergency A/C repairs, while also protecting the health of your family. Some other benefits include:

Common A/C Maintenance Jobs in St Paul Park

At Hurlburt, our comprehensive A/C maintenance service starts with a thorough inspection of your system, to help us diagnose any problems from faulty wiring to poor condensation drainage. We’ll then clean and remove any debris from the evaporator coils and drains, before completing a full service to check for the following issues:

Discover St Paul Park’s Most Trusted A/C Maintenance Service

As Minnesota’s go-to HVAC company since 1959,  you can trust Hurlburt to complete all of the essential A/C maintenance jobs at prices you can afford. We’re committed to helping St Paul Park residents remain cool and comfortable this summer, no matter what the local temperatures are.

Find the right fit for your budget with our A/C package options, including the Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing membership plan. You’ll get annual safety checkups, visual ductwork inspection, and a 15% discount on our water care filters, plus a 12-month warranty on any repair job that we complete.

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