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AC Maintenance in Newport, MN

Whether you need simple repair jobs or need multiple components of your AC units replaced at once, our team of HVAC professionals at Hurlburt have been performing AC maintenance and repair services in Newport for over 65 years. So, make sure you’re not letting what’s likely just an easily fixable problem snowball into something bigger and get in touch with us today. 

Why Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit Is So Important

Naturally, there’s never really a good time for your AC system to stop working, but if there’s ever a time that’s particularly dangerous, it’s during the summer in Newport when temperatures peak at around 84°F in July.

Things like weak airflow and constant hissing from your AC unit is obviously something that’s going to get on your nerves – especially when you’re suffering from the high temperatures – but our AC unit repair team can normally fix this sort of thing fairly easily by replacing loose fan blades and the AC filters.

What isn’t so easily fixable, though – providing you’ve left it for a while and haven’t tried to fix it – are horrible odors coming from your AC units, as this is one of the indicators that you’ve got a mold infestation. 

This sort of thing can be managed very quickly before it spreads to other parts of your home via regular maintenance, but given how close Newport is to the Mississippi river, humidity levels are generally much higher than other parts of Minnesota, and this provides the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. 

As a result, the threat of mold and all the health risks that come with it is incredibly common in Newport, and can only really be dealt with by maintaining your AC units on a regular basis.

When Should I Get AC Maintenance?

If you’re living with people who have bad allergies or even respiratory issues, things like mold become not only a serious worry in terms of structural damage to your home but major health risks, too – fortunately, though, our HVAC team can prevent this from becoming an issue with our regular maintenance checks.

We’d recommend you schedule one of these checkups a few times throughout the year to be on the safe side given the extra risk you take on by living in a town with humidity as high as Newport. At the very least, though, make sure you’re scheduling a checkup before June when temperatures start rising – that way we can check for other issues that might affect your AC systems performance this summer when you need it most, not just mold.

Common Issues with AC Systems in Newport, MN

Like many towns in Minnesota, Newport has its fair share of unique issues given the environment and fluctuating climate – here are some of the more common problems our technicians notice:

Don’t Let Issues with Your AC System Escalate

We’d generally recommend you schedule one of our AC maintenance services during winter or spring when you don’t have to rely on it too much yet, but we recognize some people might unintentionally leave it slightly late and don’t have time to be this proactive – that’s why we provide AC unit repairs on a 24/7 basis so you don’t ever need to be without working air conditioning for too long.

With that being said, if one of our technicians notice too many issues with your AC unit to make repairing it a cost-effective option, we also provide AC installation services so you can upgrade from your old AC system and have it up and running promptly – this way you can reduce your energy bills, too, since you’ll be using a far more efficient product to cool your home. Just give us a call at (715) 317-5648 to get the ball rolling.

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