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AC Installation in Newport, MN 

Newport has some of the highest temperatures in all of Minnesota during the summer, so it goes without saying that reliable AC is very much a necessity. If your current AC system is having issues, though, this obviously becomes pretty problematic as weak airflow isn’t going to cut it  in 84°F weather.

Repairs are usually the cheaper option, but in certain cases where your AC system is beyond fixing or it’ll actually be more affordable to simply upgrade, we offer professional AC installation to keep your house cool all season.

When Should I Install a New AC System?

Trying to work out whether you actually need an upgrade to your heating or cooling systems by yourself isn’t always easy since things like weak airflow might only require a quick fix like debris cleared from the back (which can be common in Newport due to pollen buildups from the trees in Grove Street Overlook Park).

Instead, you might consider replacing your AC system altogether and wasting money on something you don’t necessarily need. Having said that, these ‘quick fixes’ become gradually longer and more expensive when your AC system is over 10-12 years old, since general wear and tear starts to accumulate and multiple parts need replacing at the same time.

In these sorts of cases, you might end up paying upwards of $1500 as the sum of all your repairs, so it’s actually way cheaper to just call it a day and upgrade to a new AC system altogether. Not only is it more affordable than all the individual repairs you need, but it’s also cheaper since you’re paying less in utility bills now you’ve actually got an efficient product that cools your home in less time.

Our HVAC technicians have been installing new AC systems in homes in Newport and other parts of Minnesota since 1959, so we’ve built up more than enough experience needed to get them up and running in your home quickly – just give us a ring at (715) 317-5648 and we’ll inspect your home to determine what sort of cooling system is best suited to your home.

What Are the Benefits of Replacing My AC Unit?

Here are some of the main reasons why you should upgrade to a fresh AC system rather than continuously repairing your current one:

How to Choose a New Air Conditioning System

We’ll send one of HVAC experts over to your home to determine what the most cost-effective option is for your home, because if it’s cheaper for you to opt for our AC repair services instead, you’ll potentially save thousands of dollars by getting a quick fix rather than a brand new AC system. 

If you do require a fresh AC system, though, we’ll help you figure out which specific model would be best for your home – whether it’s a ductless mini-split system or a central AC unit for your whole house.


We’d recommend the ductless mini-split system for houses in Newport in particular due to the weather fluctuations you have – these systems function as heat pumps during winter, so whether it’s 10°F or 84°F, you’ll be prepared all year. Aside from that, they’re a lot more effective, too, since they can target specific rooms in your house you need cooling or heating. 

Central AC units are better if you’re on a budget, though, as these can be used to send cool air throughout the ductwork in your house to cool it all at once.


We can help you avoid installing an AC system that’s too big or too small by inspecting how many floors, doors, windows and people are in your home – this way you can prevent wasting money on an product that’s not the right fit for your requirements

Book An Expert AC Installation Today

Ensure that you’re not going without reliable AC coverage this season and get in touch with our team of HVAC professionals at Hurlburt – whether you need something simple like AC maintenance or you require an entirely new AC system to be installed.

The best time to book one of these appointments would usually be before summer in either winter or spring – the last thing you’d want is to be stuck in 84°F heat in Newport once you realize your AC units aren’t providing sufficient enough cooling. Having said that, we do also provide emergency repairs that you can utilize on a 24/7 basis, so either way, you won’t be suffering this summer.

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