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AC Repair Services Lake Elmo, MN

Winter in Minnesota is genuinely beautiful, but those 10,000 frozen lakes don’t stay that way forever – anyone who’s ever lived in Lake Elmo can tell you that summer gets pretty uncomfortable if you don’t have a reliable AC system to cool you down when temperatures creep above 80°F come July.

Your AC systems generally deal with quite a lot over the course of the year, from the refrigerant freezing throughout the winter to condensate build ups when humidity is higher in the summer. As a result, issues can start to crop up that get particularly expensive if left unfixed, so having a specialized AC repair company like Hurlburt on hand is your best bet if you want to avoid your house effectively turning into a furnace during the summer.

We’ve been working in Minnesota, from Lake Elmo to Oakdale and everywhere in between, since 1959, so our technicians at Hurlburt know all about the challenges you’ll face in such polarized climates throughout the year and can quickly diagnose any problems you’ve got with your AC system – whether you use a central air conditioning unit or a ductless mini-split system.

When Does My AC System Need Repairing?

Things like restricted or even slightly warm air flow might not seem like much of an issue when it’s still cool enough to walk around your house with a sweater on, but you’re going to wish you hadn’t put off repairs when it comes to June or July when you realize just how useless your AC system has become in trying to keep you cool.

There’s really no need to wait until you need an emergency AC repair service – or worse, a whole new AC system – when you deal with it while it’s still affordable, so getting your repairs in now while it’s still spring is by far the best approach you can take.

Take a look at some of the main signs you might have a problem with your AC system:



We can provide AC repairs as quickly as you need them at Hulburt, whether you’ve got electrical issues with the system not turning on (which can be very hazardous if left untreated) or restricted airflow, causing some rooms in your house to be hotter than others.

Whatever the issue, we can diagnose and address them promptly before they escalate and become more uncomfortable and expensive to deal with, so give us a call at (715) 317-5648 to have one of our helpful technicians come round and take a look at it.

Why is AC Maintenance So Important?

Spending the day at Lake Elmo Park Reserve is a great day out, but you’re going to wish you could stay in the water all day when you know you’ve got a scorching hot house to come back to that can’t be mitigated by simply cranking up the AC. 

Having said that, the heat is the least of your problems if you’ve got a leaky AC unit that’s causing mold to grow and making it harder to breathe for people who have respiratory issues – not to mention the awful stench that’s going to be emanating from it.

Fortunately, this can be avoided fairly easily by scheduling a couple of AC maintenance appointments throughout the year before summer starts – ensuring that your coils and fans are properly cleaned and your refrigerant levels are as they should be. 

Lake Elmo’s Most Common Air Conditioning Issues

Extreme climates on both sides of the spectrum aren’t only jarring for Lake Elmo residents; they take a huge toll on your AC systems in general and cause them to function far less efficiently than it’s meant to. Our experts are used to handling issues with both hot and cold temperatures, though, including things like: 


Stay Cool This Summer with an AC System You Can Rely On

If you’re looking to comfortably make it through the summer months in Lake Elmo without any sort of heat-related issues, you’re going to need a trustworthy AC system to make it bearable. At Hurlburt HVAC company, our technicians have all the expertise you need to stay cool and ensure your AC system stays up and running, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today before you start getting uncomfortably hot.

Although we specialize in AC repair, we can also help with installing entirely new AC systems, which we definitely recommend if you’ve had the same one for 10+ years. Older AC systems that are littered with problems can sometimes be more expensive to fix than it is just to upgrade altogether, so don’t forget that this is also an option.

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