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AC Installation Lake Elmo, MN

Staying cool throughout the summer is obviously a necessity when you’re living in Lake Elmo, but when you’ve already spent hundreds on AC repairs and your AC system is already on its last legs, you’re actually better off installing a new system entirely.

At Hurlburt, we’re always aiming to give you the cheaper option, so in certain cases where it’s cheaper to upgrade your AC system than it is to simply repair it, we offer professional AC installation services to ensure you’ve got a fully functional system.

When Should I Install a New AC System?

Generally speaking, it’s not always easy to self diagnose and know when it’s right to replace your heating or cooling systems when it might not look like it has any major issues. 

Obviously, you want to hang on to your current system for as long as possible, even if that means getting it repaired now and then, because it’s traditionally pretty expensive to shell out on an entirely new system – having said that, though, it’s definitely more expensive to keep going down the AC repair route if your AC system is around 10-12 years old.

Aside from the fact that you’re going to be paying more in your utility bills each month by using an inefficient product (since it’s consuming way more energy than it should be), it becomes cumulatively more expensive past that 10 year point since natural wear and tear starts to take place.

Sure, you can just keep getting repairs, but when the total sum of them starts to exceed around $1500 at a time, it’s genuinely less hassle and money to just upgrade your AC system entirely. This isn’t just exclusive to the older AC systems, either, as even newer models that weren’t installed properly can damage its internal components and cause it to function improperly.

Fortunately, though, our HVAC experts have been installing new AC systems in Lake Elmo homes for 65+ years, so we’re definitely experienced in knowing when it’s cheaper for you to upgrade than it is to constantly make repairs – give us a call at (715) 317-5648 and we’ll send one of our technicians over to determine which is the least expensive option for you.

Age is definitely one of the most significant factors we look at, but there are a couple other instances where you might be better off installing a new system, too:



Now, cleaning and disinfecting all the system might cause some temporary relief, but if foul odors persist, this is possibly a sign that there’s a deeper mold infestation within the system or other areas around the unit that are inaccessible. If that’s the case, there’s a chance you might need a completely new AC system to eliminate the source of the mold, which not only gets rid of the smell but also prevents it from causing some serious – and costly – structural damage to your home.



Certain leaks can definitely be repaired by our HVAC experts, but more extensive damage might necessitate the entire system being replaced so that it’s not only functioning properly but preventing any further water damage to your home. 

What Are the Benefits of Replacing My AC Unit?

Let’s walk through some of the key reasons why you should install a new AC system ahead of summer:


How to Choose a New Air Conditioning System

Before we actually go ahead with installing your new AC system, one of our HVAC technicians will come round your house to determine not only if you even need an entirely new system – which could save you thousands of dollars if not – and what the best size and type of AC system would be for your particular home.

Factors such as how many rooms are in your house and how spacious they are will help us figure out whether you need something like central AC units or ductless mini-split systems, so it’s definitely worth exploring this first.


If you’re on a budget, you might be better off with central AC units that distribute cold air throughout the ductwork, but if you’re got a smaller home and want a bit more flexibility, we’d recommend a ductless mini-split system to only keep specific rooms cool. These ones also double as heat pumps during the winter, so you’ll be prepared regardless of the weather if you opt for this.


From the number of people, floors, windows, and doors inside your home, there are a bunch of different factors that determine what the most appropriate size of AC unit is right for you – so to avoid installing a system that’s either too big (which will make energy bills unnecessarily high) or small for your home, we’ll deduce the right size upon our visit.

Book An Expert AC Installation Today

From simple AC maintenance to full installation jobs, get in touch with the HVAC team over at Hurlburt to ensure you’re staying cool this summer and don’t need to go without reliable AC all season. 

Generally speaking, you’re much better off scheduling one of these appointments during spring when you’re not suffering from the heat yet, but even if your AC system was working totally fine and suddenly died on you, we offer emergency repairs around the clock in Lake Elmo, too.

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