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Furnace Maintenance

Regular Furnace Service

It’s easy to forget that your furnace requires annual maintenance until you come home after a day of work to a cold house! Or worse yet, the furnace stops working in the middle of the night or on a holiday weekend. One thing is for sure, furnace failure is never timely.

Annual furnace maintenance is absolutely essential to lessening the possibility of a no heat situation. And you gain the knowledge that your furnace will last longer and run more efficiently, saving you money and potentially stress! Last but certainly not least, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your furnace is operating safely. The last thing you want to subject your family to is a fire hazard or potentially dangerous carbon monoxide exhaust gases. Regular furnace maintenance in Eau Claire, WI, and beyond is very important.

Furnace Check

From keeping your home safe to providing a comfortable living space throughout the long cold winters, furnace maintenance in Menomonie, WI, is a good idea. A well-maintained gas furnace can not only reduce the risks of untimely breakdowns, but it’ll save you money on your utility bills.

The experts at Hurlburt Heating & Plumbing are highly trained and certified to provide thorough maintenance to all brands of furnaces.

When you choose Hurlburt, you can expect:

  • Timely, professional experts
  • Complete diagnosis and inspections
  • Open, honest communication
  • Affordable upfront prices

Gas & Electric Furnace Maintenance

When calling Hurlburt to schedule annual furnace maintenance in Hudson, WI, or nearby area, you know you’re going to get a thorough job done in a timely manner by the absolute best technicians in the business. Our highly trained experts will inspect every aspect of your furnace and report any potential concerns to you. The idea is to fix small problems before they become big expensive problems.

Make Furnace Maintenance a Priority

Just like an oil change for your vehicle or an annual checkup with your doctor, furnace maintenance in River Falls, WI, is a good idea to keep your heating system in tip-top shape.

To make furnace maintenance more manageable and one less thing to worry about, Hurlburt has created our Comfort Savings Club that offers the following benefits:

  • Discounts on service
  • Discounts on a new furnace, air conditioner, and other equipment
  • Priority service
  • Convenience, we take care of all the scheduling for you
  • Proof of service to maintain manufacturer warranties
  • Professional, friendly service

If it isn’t winter now, it’s always right around the corner when you live in Western Wisconsin. For fast expert furnace service in Eau Claire, WI or nearby, call Hurlburt Heating & Plumbing. Our courteous customer service folks are available 24 hours a day to take your call at @ (715) 283-4422 or you can book conveniently online from our scheduling page.