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AC Maintenance Lake Elmo, MN

Summer is gorgeous in Lake Elmo, but what starts off as a nice day out at Lake Elmo State Park turns uncomfortable pretty quickly when your AC system is running far less efficiently than it’s meant to – whether it’s down to inaccurate thermostats or clogged condenser coils.

We’ve been working in the Minnesota area since 1959, so our HVAC experts at Hurlburt know how important working AC is during summer, which is where our AC maintenance services come in.

How Often Should I Get A/C Maintenance?

It’s best to get your AC maintained before you need it most, which is obviously during the summer, so we’d recommend getting check-ups twice a year or at least once while it’s still spring. 

Your AC coils and fan blades are generally prone to freezing during the winter when they’re surrounded by snow, so this can cause them to crack and not work properly once they’ve thawed. 

As such, dealing with damage caused from winter temperatures is one of the main things we take a look at when maintaining your AC systems, so get in touch with one of our HVAC experts today to ensure your units will be fully functional during the summer.

Why Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit Is So Important

Things like heat exhaustion probably seem far-fetched when it’s so cold throughout the rest of the year, but it’s genuinely a real possibility when it gets as hot as it does in Lake Elmo from June to August. 

Here are some of the main reasons why it’s so crucial to regularly maintain your AC system: 


Common Issues with AC Systems in Lake Elmo, MN

It’s not only uncomfortable to have to live in climates over 80°F when you’re used to much cooler weather throughout the year, but fluctuations in the weather impact your AC units just as bad since issues caused during the winter can actually carry over into summer. 

Our HVAC professionals are used to handling AC issues in Lake Elmo caused by both hot and cold climates, though, with the most common problems being:


Don’t Allow Issues with Your AC System To Escalate

Depending on the current state of your AC system when one of our HVAC experts checks it out, it might not actually be worth going ahead with the repairs when the cheaper option is simply upgrading and installing a new AC system altogether – we’d especially recommend this if your current AC system is around 10-15 years as faults with the internal components are only going to start picking up in frequency past that point.

Fortunately, it doesn’t often come to this – especially when you receive regular maintenance and can prevent things like condensate build ups (which are particularly common in Lake Elmo given the humidity causes by the many nearby lakes) from ever becoming a problem – just give us a call at (715) 317-5648 to get the ball rolling and we’ll ensure you’re staying cool this summer.

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