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AC Maintenance in Eau Claire, WI

Regular preventive maintenance is one of the best ways you can increase the life of your air conditioner. Let the technicians at Hurlburt Heating and Plumbing help you get the most out of your AC this summer. 

What is preventative AC maintenance?

Also known as an AC tune up, preventative maintenance involves thoroughly checking your air conditioner to make sure it is running properly. Our goal is to repair small problems before they become big ones.

When we come to your home to do a tune up, we will check the refrigerant level, clean the outdoor coils, clean out the indoor drain lines and assess the condition of the other internal parts that make your air conditioner run effectively. 

Why is preventative maintenance so important?

Preventative maintenance can resolve problems before they become system failures. While we can’t predict every air conditioner failure, we will notice things like a weak compressor or a unit that is low on gas. These are things you likely won’t notice as a homeowner until the problem has escalated. 

For example, if you have an air conditioner that is low on coolant, if we catch it in the spring before you use the AC, we can fix the problem before any damage occurs. An AC that is low on gas will “freeze up,” and you will notice ice build up around the AC lines. The indoor evaporator coil (that sits above your furnace) will turn into a block of ice. The compressor will be unable to cool itself because of the air restriction and will overheat. On an older or weak compressor, this could cause a complete failure of the part. The compressor is the heart of the AC system and, while it can be replaced, it would be a better idea to replace the entire unit.

You would also have an issue with the indoor coil as it starts to melt and drips all that water into the furnace. This could cause several parts to fail in the furnace as well. 

We want to fix these types of problems before a big failure happens. While our business relies on AC repairs and installations, we still want to help you get the longest life possible out of your AC unit. 

How often do I need maintenance on my AC?

You could get away with having a tune up done every two years but we recommend having it done annually. In Wisconsin, our air conditioners sit dormant all winter, so it is a good idea to check things over in the spring just to make sure everything is working correctly.

If your air conditioner is 15 years old or older, we definitely recommend having a tune up done every year. ACs typically last 15-20 years. Tune ups are especially important for older air conditioners because their internal parts are older and have a higher chance of failure. 

When should I have my AC tune up done?

We recommend annual tune ups to be done in the spring, before cooling season gets going. Keep in mind, the outdoor temperature must be above 55 degrees to charge your air conditioner. That’s how low our charts go. Any colder than that and we won’t have accurate readings.

Affordable AC Maintenance in the Eau Claire community

We know AC service calls can be expensive. At Hurlburt Heating and Plumbing, we try to keep our tune up costs low so our services are accessible to everyone in our community.

There are a lot of things we check on an AC tune up that you can’t do yourself, but here are some ways you can do your own preventative maintenance and keep your AC running cool.



Should I cover my air conditioner in the winter?

We get this question a lot, and the answer might surprise you! 

No, you should not cover your AC during the winter. A covered AC can look like a warm, inviting home for mice and other rodents who might decide to set up their winter home. This can be a big problem in the spring if they decide to chew through any wires.


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