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AC Maintenance Afton, MN

Whether you’re coming back from a day out hiking at one of Afton’s many trails, visiting the Town Square Park, or simply just want to host a night in with your pals, you’re going to quickly become uncomfortable when you realize there’s an issue with your AC system. 

It’s not really an issue while it’s still spring and you can still get away with walking around the house in a hoodie, but this is obviously something that becomes pretty problematic when temperatures reach above 82°F in July. As such, you need a reliable AC system that’s not only reaching certain areas or your house and leaving the rest boiling, so this is where our AC maintenance services at Hurlburt come in.

From basic repairs to installing entirely new AC units, we’ve been helping Afton residents keep cool throughout these extreme climates with high humidity since 1959, so there’s nothing our technicians haven’t seen before.

Why Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit Is So Important

Summer is really not the time you want your AC system to start showing signs of flaws or failure, and given the range of different things that can go wrong with it, being uncomfortably hot isn’t even the worst thing that can happen.

Things like banging and hissing coming from your AC units are annoying and usually indicate things like loose fan blades or compressor components, but your problems get a whole lot worse when you start noticing foul smells, too.

This is often caused by mold growing. Unfortunately, Afton gets particularly humid in the summer, so combine this with a refrigerant leak and a build up of dust and you’ve created a breeding ground for mold spores – not a nice thing to have in your pretty home by the woods.

If you’re not quick enough to take action here, it’s going to cause some serious structural damage to the rest of your home over time that’s going to be a lot more expensive to fix than just a simple AC unit repair – not to mention how dangerous it can be for people with respiratory problems. 

When Should I Get AC Maintenance?

Our routine maintenance tasks at Hurlburt involve things like keeping your AC units parts lubricated and ensuring there’s nothing clogged up in there, so this massively reduces the chance of this sort of thing from happening.

We’d generally recommend you schedule a servicing checkup from us twice a year, or at least once before the summer hits so you don’t have to worry about emergency repairs and can just enjoy a cool home stress-free. 

This gives us a chance to check your AC unit’s electrical components (as foul odors coming from your AC unit aren’t only a sign of mold; it can be a burning smell caused by electrical issues), make sure your thermostat is actually calibrated properly, and ensure your coils aren’t blocked by things like twigs from the nearby woods in Afton.

Common Issues with AC Systems in Afton, MN

A lot of the weather fluctuations we face in Afton take their toll on your AC system after a while, with damage all the way back in winter impacting your AC units come summer.

Here are some of the more common problems we find when performing maintenance checks:


Don’t Allow Issues with Your AC System To Escalate

With temperatures getting as hot as they do in Afton during the summer, we absolutely recognize the need for reliable AC all season long, so even if you’ve left it a bit late to have your AC system serviced, we’re available around the clock with AC repairs to ensure none of the aforementioned issues become a problem.

If, after servicing, we realize that there are too many issues with your AC system to warrant repairing (in that it would be more expensive for you to do so than it would be to upgrade to a new system altogether), we also provide AC installation services – so just give us a call at 

(715) 317-5648 and whatever the issue, we’ll be able to help you out.

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