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A/C Installation Afton, MN

In Afton, Minnesota, we’re lucky enough to enjoy blissfully warm summers paddling along the St. Croix River and leisurely walking through Kinnickinnic State Park’s natural landscapes. What makes these ventures so worthwhile is knowing you can escape the heat of up to 80 degrees from the comfort of an air-conditioned home–that’s where we come in.

Hurlburt is a family-owned heating, cooling, and plumbing expert dedicated to installing and maintaining HVAC systems in homes across Minnesota. Committed to quality and driven by satisfaction, we proudly offer professional A/C installation services that replace new systems or fit entirely new ones. 

Our team of trained experts will gladly walk you through sizing options suitable for your home, room size, and location. So, why us? Our portfolio of over 2,000 happy homes affirms our position as Minnesota’s most trusted installation team.

When Should I Install a New A/C System?

With many houses in Afton already fitted with an A/C system, age is the most outstanding variable that calls for a full replacement. A/C systems 10 years and older are usually nearing the end of their life span with their performance noticeably declining over time. 

Besides age, here are a few signs that it’s time to install a new unit:



While not paramount, timing A/C installations for the colder months, October to February, ensures you’re well prepared for spring and summer. That said, our summertime installations are quick and swift, giving you instant relief from Minnesota’s intense humidity. 

A/C Challenges We Face in Afton

Minnesota is fortunate enough to have four defined seasons, bringing a variety of temperature changes and weather conditions. While the winters are frosty, our summers are getting warmer, with an increasing number of summer days hitting 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Fluctuation in weather makes it challenging for homeowners like yourself to achieve a happy indoor climate. Fortunately, HVAC systems and compact air conditioners help us regain control over how our properties feel. 

Afton is also home to numerous beautiful but old houses, meaning they need that extra modern touch to make the warmer months more bearable. The same goes for apartment-goers, who have hot air rising and fewer outlets to encourage proper circulation.

Advantages of Reliable A/C Installation

At Hurlburt, our versatile team can proficiently fit and replace various types of A/C systems, such as central air units, evaporative air coolers, and ductless units

We have an expert understanding of other air management utilities, such as purifiers, dehumidifiers, and pumps, so we can tailor our approach around pre-existing amenities you may have, helping you reach an ideal home temperature. With our installer’s help, you could reap the following benefits:








Although this isn’t an exhaustive list of every benefit you could yield, it certainly highlights the advantages of fitting a modern A/C system. Our team is well-versed in the topics listed and will happily advise you on what’s best for your home. If you have any queries or faults with your existing system, our maintenance team will schedule a visit at a time most convenient to you. 

Book Dependable A/C Installation Today

Air conditioning is undoubtedly the most effective way to get instant relief against Minnesota’s humidity and heat throughout spring and summer. Hurlburt is a local A/C installer adept at installing an impressive variety of units by the likes of Lennox, York, American Standard, and Trane. 

If you’re located in Afton, MN, contact us on (844) 339-7820 or schedule a service online today!

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