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Why an In Home Consultation is Best for You

In Home Consultation

In serving the Chippewa Valley for over 60 years, we at Hurlburt Heating & Plumbing have heard our fair share of questions. Some come up a little more often than others, so we would like to address them!

Hurlburt Heating & Plumbing marketing specialist, Christina, had a chat with Andrew, one of our senior service advisors, about one of the big questions-

“Can I just get a ballpark price over the phone?”

You certainly could, however: furnace and air conditioner pricing over the phone isn’t doing you, or us, any favors.

The service advisor team at Hurlburt Heating & Plumbing prefers to come to your home for a no obligation in-home consultation at no cost to you, in order to get the information we need to best assemble options for your home’s new heating and cooling system.

Andrew, who has been with the team for about five years, said ballpark pricing doesn’t do the homeowner any justice, and doesn’t help our team serve them, either.

Giving a price for a furnace, air conditioner, or other HVAC accessory over the phone causes a feeling of obligation, and if our team hasn’t seen the specifics of the home, or doesn’t know exactly what the heating and cooling needs are, that price may not be accurate. There are a lot of different situations that can really affect price, and it’s not only the different types of equipment; we give four different types on each bid. Those prices can vary depends on what the customer wants. If we’re converting from oil to a high efficiency gas furnace, there’s more cost, vs. an existing furnace that’s less efficient than the new option and a relatively even exchange.

What’s a service advisor?

Our service advisors come into play when heating, cooling, ventilation, or air quality replacement, new installation, or upgrades are desired, whether they be planned or unplanned. They’re the guys who come in after our service technicians, if necessary, or if you’re thinking of replacing your heating and cooling system or other HVAC items.

“Let’s say we have a service tech who has condemned the system, or the homeowner may be facing a big repair, maybe they want to plan ahead and take advantage of rebates or programs,” Andrew said. “We’ll size it up, determine the needs and desires of the home, and present some options.”

So what do they do in my home?

The main thing is properly sizing the equipment. For this, the service advisors get measurements, do load calculation assessments, addressing any issues such as hot or cold spots, and discuss indoor air quality. Overall, the consultation appointment takes approximately an hour and a half.

Something else for the homeowner to consider is doing the furnace and AC at the same time. Andrew said this is beneficial efficiency wise, as if you were to replace the furnace but not your old AC, it’s like buying a new car with an old engine. The system will work harder than necessary and will cause more issues down the line. Plus, we can get everything done in one shot, rebates for the homeowner are better, and system life can be prolonged.


Where do I sign up?

To see the full conversation, check out our YouTube video HERE 

To schedule your free in-home consultation, give us a call at 715-283-4422, or request an appointment HERE


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