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Plumbing Stillwater, MN 

Living in a city like Stillwater, with outdoor spaces such as the St. Croix River and Lily Lake Park on your doorstep, can be great fun in the summer months. Temperatures often reach 95 degrees from June to August, which makes it a shock when freezing winter conditions hit later on in the year. 

Snowfall generally doesn’t stay long on the ground, allowing Stillwater’s many outdoor cafes and golf courses to operate effectively all year round. However, the same can’t always be said for our plumbing systems, which are put under considerable strain by the icy cold Minnesota winters. For residents of Stillwater, reliable repair services are therefore not only a luxury, but an absolute necessity.

Whether the pipes become frozen or your bathroom tap won’t stop dripping, Hurlburt’s team of HVAC professionals are available to keep your systems running smoothly throughout all weathers. We’ve been repairing and maintaining plumbing in homes and businesses across Stillwater for more than 60 years, with over 250,000 satisfied customers to date, making us the go-to HVAC company in Minnesota.

When Should I Get a New Plumbing System?

Generally speaking, most plumbing systems are durable enough to last for up to 50 years, especially if they’re made from tougher materials like cast iron, copper, brass, or polyvinyl chloride. 

However, some of the homes we visit in Stillwater have pipes built with older materials such as galvanized steel or clay that are more vulnerable to the elements – and no one wants to experience a burst pipe in the cold weather! Corrosion or rust can also increase the chances of poor water quality with these types of pipes, so we’re more likely to recommend an entire system replacement to prevent any dangerous and expensive plumbing emergencies.

While age is probably the most important factor we consider when suggesting a full plumbing remodel, here are some other key signs that it may be time for your current system to go:

Benefits of Plumbing Maintenance

Sometimes, shelling out on a whole new plumbing system is unavoidable, particularly when the repair costs are more than $1,500. One way of preventing this situation, though, is by investing in regular maintenance, which addresses small issues like blocked drains before they can progress into even bigger, more expensive repairs

Ignoring that leaky tap or slightly clogged sink can seriously damage the system, especially if your pipes burst and flood the area. Plus, mold and other fungi thrive in damp conditions, feeding on the wood timbers that support the structural integrity of your home. So, while it may seem like an inconvenience, scheduling that maintenance appointment is essential for keeping your living space safe and comfortable. 

The chances that you’ll need the entire system replaced are pretty slim, but if a plumbing replacement is necessary, we’re committed to keeping the costs as low as possible. We even offer a variety of financing options to ensure that our services fit into every budget, no matter how big or small yours may be.

Common Plumbing Repair Issues in Stillwater

Many small plumbing issues can be solved without the help of a professional – take a leaky kitchen faucet, for instance, which often requires some simple tightening and maybe an O-ring replacement. 

For plumbing emergencies or more complex issues that involve live wires and utility lines, however, we’d always recommend getting a skilled technician to make the necessary fixes. Tackling these problems yourself could just worsen them, meaning you’ll require more expensive repairs anyway later down the line.

In our 60+ years of service here at Hurlburt, we’ve gotten used to dealing with a whole host of plumbing problems when performing our maintenance checks, including these common ones:

Experience Warmer Winters with Reliable Plumbing Services

Hot water and heating are absolute essentials for any property owners, but especially if you’re living in the frigid Stillwater climate during those winter months. So, to keep your pipes operating smoothly no matter the temperature, entrust your plumbing systems to Hurlburt and enjoy peace of mind throughout those 4 distinct Minnesota seasons.

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