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Oakdale, MN AC Maintenance

Here in Oakdale, we’re lucky to experience glorious hot summers almost every year. 


While these months provide the perfect opportunity for trips to Tanners Park or leisurely boat rides on the lake, residents of this Minnesota city require relief from the intense heat to ensure comfort and safety. This makes installing and maintaining effective air conditioning systems essential, which is where our A/C maintenance services at Hurlburt play a key role.


We’ve been helping Oakdale residents take care of their AC and plumbing systems since 1959, making home comfort a priority with every repair and installation. Our mission to become a trusted provider of quality services has made us the go-to company for trustworthy HVAC repairs, allowing Minnesota homeowners to stay cool despite the soaring temperatures.

Why You Should Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit

Investing in regular A/C maintenance is an effective way of stopping your home’s systems from breaking down when they’re needed the most. Failing to address minor issues like dirty air filters or strange noises can simply lead to even bigger problems that require more expensive repairs. You may even need to install a whole new system prematurely in some cases, which costs significant time and money.


By performing routine tasks such as lubricating moving parts and cleaning clogged components, our proactive approach to maintenance here at Hulbert reduces the likelihood of your HVAC system unexpectedly malfunctioning. This often leads to a buildup of pollutants and other outdoor contaminants building up in your living space, which can trigger allergies and other respiratory conditions.

When Should I Get AC Maintenance?

During Oakdale’s warm and wet summers, the thought of going without a working AC unit is unimaginable for many Minnesota homeowners. Battling through that scorching heat in one of the city’s many outdoor spaces can feel almost impossible without the relief of a cool home to return to. It can also be incredibly risky for those most susceptible to heat exhaustion, such as young children and older adults.


Avoid these dangerous and uncomfortable scenarios by booking a routine maintenance inspection at least twice per year. Our cooling services are specially designed to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly throughout all four seasons. 


For the most effective results, we recommend getting your system serviced during spring in the run-up to those hot summer months, where we’ll check everything from condenser coils and AC fins to the thermostat. The fall months offer another ideal opportunity to get important maintenance completed before cold temperatures hit, causing ice and condensation to block those ducts and vents. 


At Hurlburt, our 24/7 service means that we can visit your Oakdale home or business at a time that best suits you. From faulty thermostats to malfunctioning compressors, we utilize the latest industry technologies to diagnose and fix a wide variety of AC issues, allowing you to feel cool and comfortable in your safe space.

5 Common Minnesota AC Problems & Solutions

Unfortunately, climates that offer such extreme weather conditions like those we face in Oakdale can cause AC units to malfunction. While fluctuating temperatures and inconsistent airflow are inconvenient, many of these issues have simple fixes that our trusted technicians can repair with some simple maintenance.


Some of the problems that we often address in Oakdale homes include:


Maintain a Reliable Air Flow in Your Home

At Hurlburt, we understand the importance of maintaining reliable air conditioning during those hot Oakdale summers.


Our AC experts will therefore carefully inspect your whole system to check for minor and major operating errors, including measuring temperatures and compressor amps. We’ll then carry out any necessary maintenance tasks, from cleaning outdoor condenser coils to fixing refrigerant leaks, to ensure you’re never left without a high-quality AC unit.

For your peace of mind, we also provide emergency AC repairs if a crisis strikes outside of your planned appointment dates.

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