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Oakdale, MN A/C Installation 

In Oakdale, Minnesota, the summer presents endless opportunities to enjoy strolls through Tanners Park or adventures in the Nature Preserve. However, temperatures of up to 82 can make it difficult to keep cool during these summer months.


Reliable air conditioning is therefore essential for battling through the extreme Minnesota heat, which is where we come in. Hurlburt is an expert HVAC and plumbing company dedicated to installing the most suitable A/C systems for all Oakdale homes.


Our trusted technicians will ensure that you select the right type of unit for your home, taking factors such as the property size, number of rooms, location, and existing amenities into consideration. Opt for our A/C installation services today and you’ll be choosing Minnesota and Wisconsin’s go-to HVAC company since 1959!

When is it Time to Install a New Air Conditioning System?

With an aging A/C unit comes general wear and tear, leading to a significant decline in its performance and efficiency over time. Your home may therefore require a full A/C replacement if the system is 10 to 15 years old, which can help to reduce energy bills in the long run.


Keep an eye out for the following signs as your unit reaches the end of its lifespan:



To reduce the likelihood of a complete replacement, we recommend getting regular A/C maintenance throughout the year. Book one appointment with us in the spring before the intense heat of the summer heat fully hits and another ahead of the cold winter months to prevent your system from freezing up.

Why Should I Install a New A/C System?

In Oakdale, a region located east of the vibrant Twin Cities area, staying cool is key to protecting both adults and children from the dangers of heat exhaustion. However, A/C units that are more than a decade old often feature less efficient components, which makes it difficult to maintain stable temperatures throughout your home.


Installing a more modern system puts you firmly back in control, ensuring that even the most humid rooms are kept cool and comfortable during the day. After a few days of consistent air conditioning, your property will also benefit from improved ventilation. Good air circulation not only creates a brighter living environment, but it is also vital for removing toxins from the air. This lowers the risk of mold growth, which can trigger allergic reactions and worsen respiratory conditions.


In many cases, A/C units only need a few simple repairs, such as faulty wire replacements or refrigerant liquid top-ups. Although we’ll quickly diagnose and fix the problem if possible, we may advise a more cost-efficient replacement for A/C repair bills that come to more than $1,500.

Choosing a New A/C System: Key Considerations

At Hurlburt, our more than 60 years of experience in everything from installing furnaces to maintaining boilers means that we take a comprehensive approach to your A/C installation. We’ll carefully take a look at the pre-existing HVAC structures you have as part of the process, including dehumidifiers and heat pumps, to create a temperature controlling system that works best for your property. 


Before providing a budget-friendly quote for the job, our HVAC experts will therefore consider and discuss two key factors with you:


Access A/C Installation Services That You Can Trust

We know that your A/C system is more than just a regular home appliance it’s key to the safety and comfort of your indoor space. That’s why our team of more than 50 HVAC specialists is dedicated to finding and installing the best cooling solution for your home, from ductless mini-split systems to regular whole-house units. 


Although self-installation may be tempting, making a mistake during this detailed process could increase the need for a premature system replacement later down the line. Plus, being unaware of Oakdale’s strict licensing and permit system can also make you vulnerable to heavy fines, while potentially voiding the system’s warranty too.


Allowing a professional HVAC service to replace your A/C system will prevent any of these issues and ensure that the entire experience runs smoothly. For instance, installing heat or central air conditioning systems requires a mechanical work permit in Minnesota, which is something that we can obtain with ease.

Let us help keep your home at a constant temperature throughout the 4 distinct Minnesota seasons, whether during the soaring temperatures of the summer or those frigid winter nights. Speak to the Hurlburt team for a free quote or schedule your installation appointment online today!

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