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AC Maintenance in Oak Park Heights, MN 

From basic repair jobs like fan replacements to more serious issues involving moisture build ups, our team of HVAC experts at Hurlburt have been providing AC maintenance services in Oak Park Heights since 1959. More often than not, you might only need a few simple tweaks, but if it is something bigger, we can prevent it from exacerbating – get in touch today to get the ball rolling.

Why Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit Is So Important

It can get as hot as 86°F during July in Oak Park Heights, so while there’s never really an ideal time for your AC system to stop functioning properly, issues during the summer can obviously be way worse – especially if you have small children or live with people who have health conditions.

Fortunately, our AC unit repair team can fix some of the more common issues like constant rattling and poor airflow very easily by simply replacing filters and loose fan blades. Nasty odors, however, are a lot more precarious, since the high humidity levels during summer combined with Oak Park Heights’ proximity to the St. Croix River would suggest this is more of a mold infestation issue than it is an electrical issue.

This means you’re not only uncomfortably hot because of the weak airflow – not to mention the horrible smell – but your home now poses a risk to anyone you live with that suffers from respiratory issues. 

When Should I Get AC Maintenance?

If you do happen to notice bad smells emanating from your AC units, it’s absolutely crucial that you schedule our AC maintenance services to prevent this sort of thing from escalating and causing some serious structural damage to your home.

Aside from just mold issues, though, which are particularly common in Oak Park Heights homes, it’s generally best that you schedule one of our maintenance check-ups a couple times throughout the year so you can ensure you won’t run into any other issues during the summer. Winter and spring are usually the best times to do this since it’s not too hot yet, but at the very least, we’d recommend scheduling one right before June so you’re not going into summer with any problems.

Common Issues with AC Systems in Oak Park Heights, MN

For all its beauty, living in Oak Park Heights certainly comes with its fair share of issues for your AC system due to all the vegetation and fluctuating climates – here are some of the main problems our HVAC technicians notice while servicing houses in this particular region of Minnesota:

Don’t Let Issues with Your AC System Escalate

Temperatures get as cold as 5°F during winter in Oak Park Heights, so since you’re obviously not going to be needing your AC systems during this time, this is the perfect time to schedule our maintenance services to ensure that you don’t run into any issues during the summer when you actually need it. 

Having said this, if you didn’t have the time to schedule maintenance and now need emergency repairs during the summer, we provide those, too, on a 24/7 basis – either way, you won’t be left uncomfortably hot this summer.

However, it’s not particularly uncommon for our technicians to notice you might have too many issues to fix affordably while performing maintenance checks. If that’s the case, it might actually be more affordable for you to opt for our AC installation services instead – while we can fix every kind of AC system issue, this can get pretty expensive if there are multiple issues, especially if your unit is already 10-15 years old and wear and tear is beginning to set in.

So, give us a ring at (715) 317-5648 and we’ll have one of our HVAC technicians get your new system up and running quickly!

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