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AC Repair in Mahtomedi, MN

Temperatures in summer get as high as 80°F in Mahtomedi, so you really wouldn’t want to wait until then to repair your AC system if you begin noticing problems with it during spring – especially since neglecting it further is only going to exacerbate any existing issues and might even cause some structural damage to your home if you’ve got a more serious problem like mold growth.

Whether you just need some simple maintenance or you have far larger issues with your evaporator coils and condensers, Hurlburt have been operating in the Mahtomedi region since 1959, so there’s no problem our experienced HVAC technicians can’t solve both quickly and at an affordable rate.

When Does My AC System Need Repairing?

Here are a few of the main signs you be wary of that’ll let you know your AC system isn’t working as it’s meant to be:

Why is AC Maintenance So Important?

Obviously, nobody wants to spend summer dreading returning to their own house because it’s so scorching inside, but weak airflow and rattling parts are the least of your troubles if we discover that you’ve got a serious mold infestation inside your units – not only because of the smell and structural damage it can cause once it spreads to other parts of your house but because of the reduced air quality and toll it takes on people who may have respiratory issues.

Fortunately, though, these sorts of issues can be spotted fairly quickly if your AC system is maintained on a regular basis, and once we have noticed them, our team will quickly be able to deal with whatever the issue is at the root of the problem – whether that’s by replacing fan blades or cleaning the ductwork to get rid of mold spores – simply get in touch and give us a call today at (715) 317-5648.

Mahtomedi’s Most Common Air Conditioning Issues

Even if you’re taking care of the maintenance side of things with your AC system, the facts remain that Mahtomedi has an awkward climate spectrum and environment to work properly in, so issues can always pop up despite your best efforts – here are some of the main things our technicians notice when servicing homes in Mahtomedi:

Keep Cool with an AC System You Can Rely On

Don’t wait until it’s the middle of summer to act on your faulty AC unit – whether it’s making strange noises or just has weak airflow in general – you’re much better off opting for what’ll likely be some easily fixable repairs rather than neglecting it further and realizing you’ll need to shell out on a fresh AC system.

Having said this, there’s not really much point in constantly repairing your AC system if it’s older than 10-15 years old, as the amount of additional repairs you need past this point just to keep it running at a basic level are going to be far more frequent – not to mention how inefficient AC units contribute to higher energy bills. 

At this point, you might as well install a new AC system entirely as it’ll likely be a lot more affordable for you in the long run.

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