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AC Installation in Mahtomedi, MN

Going without AC this summer is obviously out of the question, but if you’ve got a particularly old AC system – over 10-12 years old – or you’ve already had to spend thousands on repairs, chances are that it’s probably less expensive for you to just install a fresh AC system altogether.

At Hurlburt, we’d ideally like to repair your AC system rather than replacing it as it’s usually the cheaper option, but if this isn’t the case and it’s irreparably damaged then we’d suggest our professional AC installation services to make sure you’ve actually got a fully functional system.

When Should I Install a New AC System?

Constantly going down the AC repair route is probably a sign that you should think about getting a new AC system since it’s only going to get worse from here – especially if you’ve got an aging system that’s been in heavy use since you’ve had it installed.

From this point onwards, natural wear and tear is obviously going to set in which makes any potential repairs you’re looking to get even more expensive, not to mention the fact that your utility bills are higher since you’re using what’s essentially just an inefficient product. 

Certain little fixes that we offer like fan or filter replacements are never going to cost that much, but replacing multiple things at once (like the compressor or condenser coil) along with fixing damaged electrical components can easily exceed $1500, so it’s generally way less hassle to just replace your heating or cooling systems altogether.

We’ve been helping Mahtomedi residents with new AC system installations for over 65 years at this point, so we’ve built up more than enough experience to determine which would be the most cost-effective option for you – give us a call over at (715) 317-5648 and we’ll send a technician over to give you some clarity.

What Are the Benefits of Replacing My AC Unit?

Here are a few of the main advantages of installing a new AC system:

How to Choose a New Air Conditioning System

Factors such as how spacious and how many rooms you’ve got in your home will help us figure out what the best option is for your home, so we’ll help you figure whether you should go for a central AC unit or something like a ductless mini-split system.


If you’ve got a slightly larger home but don’t feel like breaking the bank, we’d recommend something like a central AC unit as this’ll distribute cool air throughout the ductwork – which keeps every room in your house chilled – but doesn’t actually cost that much to set up since it’s not necessarily a smart device. 

On the other hand, you’d be a lot better off with a ductless mini-split system if you’re looking for more flexibility with your AC system, since you’re able to use these to keep certain rooms cool without blasting it through your entire house. They’re a little bit more expensive, though, because these double-up as a heat pump that you can use during winter to stay warm which makes them incredibly versatile.


There are quite a few separate factors that need to be considered when you’re determining how extensive your AC coverage needs to be, such as the number of windows, people, doors, and floors within your home. You’d never want to unnecessarily make your energy bills way higher than they need to be by installing an AC system that’s too big, so our team of experts will come round to help you figure out which option is best suited for your home.

Book An Expert AC Installation Today

Whether you’re looking for regular AC maintenance or you need an entirely new AC system installed, get in touch with the HVAC team over at Hurlburt so that you’re able to depend on your AC and stay cool this summer.

If you realize that your current AC system is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, we’d recommend scheduling an installation with us before summer hits – this way you don’t need to worry about the heat when temperatures soar above 82°F. 

Still, even if your AC system was working fine and stopped working out of nowhere, we also provide emergency repair services around the clock in Mahtomedi.

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