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AC Installation in Hudson, WI

As a longtime name in the area, we’ve watched Hudson grow from a small town to a bustling suburban community. Many of the Hudson homes we service are in areas that were farm fields when we first started working in the area. 

Hurlburt Heating AC and Plumbing has always tried to provide affordable, yet quality options for AC installs in the western Wisconsin. Whether you are looking for equipment for new construction or are in need of an AC replacement, we can make something work for you. 

Quality central air conditioning

Most homes in the Hudson, WI area are equipped with ductwork and rely on central AC units. Central air conditioners work in conjunction with your furnace fan to circulate cool air throughout your home via supply and return ducts. 

This is the most popular choice for home cooling in our area.  

Energy-efficient heat pumps

Heat pumps look like an air conditioner but they are able to provide both heating and cooling on a single system. This means they don’t need a furnace to give heat to your home. They are more energy efficient than a furnace because they use the refrigeration cycle to transfer heat from one area to another. This means they work just like a traditional air conditioner during the summer but in the winter, they can also work in reverse. 

And yes, they do work in the Wisconsin winter. However, if you are not pairing the heat pump with a central furnace to distribute air to your home, you must have an air handler installed. 

Mini splits for better climate control

Mini splits have been gaining popularity in the Hudson area. They excel at strict climate control of small spaces and single rooms. These systems are a type of heat pump but they are ductless. This means they have an outdoor condenser, like a central AC or a traditional heat pump, but they do not rely on ductwork. The indoor air handler that distributes your cool air simply mounts to the wall in the room it needs to cool.

The ductless design makes them easy to install and great for homes with boiler heat (no ductwork) that are in need of an air conditioning solution. 

Mini splits can have one indoor unit or several, depending on the setup you choose. Each indoor air handler has its own controls, making it ideal for zoning. 

Mini splits are the most energy-efficient AC option we have on the market. However, they are not ideal for heating large homes or spaces. 

How to decide what AC is right for you

Whether you are trying to choose a brand, size or if you are thinking of replacing your central HVAC system with another option, like a mini split, Hurlburt is here to help. 

One of our experienced AC technicians will come to your home and do a walk through so we can create accurate calculations to find what size AC system you need. From there, we will discuss your installation options and recommend ideas. Rest assured, you will be involved every step of the way. 

How long does an AC install take?

If we are replacing an existing system, we will likely be done within a day. If we are installing an AC system in a new construction project, we have to factor in the time it takes to install ductwork and fabricate custom sheet metal to fit your home. 

For mini splits, new installs can take one or two days depending on how many indoor air handlers your system has. One or two air handlers is likely to be a one-day install. More than two air handlers may take us an extra day. 

For an accurate time estimate, we need to take a look at the project. When we come out to give you an estimate, we can discuss the expected timeline for the install. 

What does a new air conditioner cost?

The cost of an install is dependent on a lot of factors. The type of system you choose, its size, the length of lineset and potential metal fabrication (if you have ductwork) all have some effect on the installation cost. 

Hurlburt Heating, AC and Plumbing strives to be transparent with our clients. We will always be upfront about costs regarding both installations and repairs. If you are looking for an estimate, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and find some options that work with your budget. 

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