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AC Repair Cottage Grove, MN

For residents of Cottage Grove, temperatures as high as 81℉ make reliable air conditioning more important than ever in this suburb south of Saint Paul. Humid summers and freezing winters often mean that our HVAC systems work less effectively than they should, which is why regular maintenance is crucial for keeping us protected against extreme weathers.

As a family-owned company, Hurlburt has been proudly keeping the Cottage Grove community cool and comfortable since 1959. We experience some unique temperature challenges here in Minnesota, which our effective A/C repair and maintenance services are designed  to help you face.

Trust our team of HVAC professionals to diagnose and repair any A/C problem promptly, from small leaks to complete system shutdowns.

How Will I Know When to Get My A/C Repaired?

Hot air blowing from your A/C unit may not feel like a huge issue during the depths of winter when temperatures reach lows of 10℉ in Cottage Grove. However, issues like these will become less manageable as soon as those scorching summer months hit, bringing the problem of sourcing emergency repairs into focus. 

Tackling those small fixes in the spring or fall can take away the hassle of dealing with them in the summer months when demand is especially high. By this point, they could also require more expensive repairs or even a complete system replacement! Look out for some of these signs that indicate a potential problem with your cooling system: 



Book an A/C repair appointment straight away if you notice any of these issues to avoid being left in the lurch this summer. Hurlburt’s trustworthy technicians will promptly visit your home to diagnose and resolve the source of your air conditioning fiasco, leaving you and your family with peace of mind whatever the Cottage Grove weather brings.

Why is A/C Maintenance So Important?

Summer days spent wandering the backwaters of the Mississippi River can quite quickly be ruined when you return home, only to find that your A/C system won’t turn on at all. 

These big and expensive repair jobs can take weeks to complete, which may leave you without the relief of a cool home for long periods of time. Plus, exposure to high temperatures makes the elderly and young children particularly vulnerable to heatstroke, a condition that can be fatal.

Avoid these situations by booking regular A/C maintenance appointments throughout the year. Ideally, we’d suggest scheduling some time with a specialist in spring, before Cottage Grove’s warm season hits in around May. We’ll check components such as your system’s coils to ensure that they’re not blocked, and top up refrigerant liquid to the appropriate levels too. 

Common A/C Issues We Treat in Cottage Grove

As you’ll know, life in Cottage Grove delivers a fairly distinctive set of challenges when it comes to the weather. Luckily, our HVAC technicians are much better equipped to deal with extreme temperatures on either end of the spectrum, which is something that you may not find in, let’s say, warmer southern states like Florida or Louisiana. 

We have the tools and specialist knowledge to fix A/C problems caused by both sun and snow, including some of these common issues:

Dirty A/C Filters

Living in an urban community dotted with open spaces like Cottage Grove offers plenty of benefits for our health and wellbeing. However, this beautiful landscape also generates its fair share of dust mites and pollen, which very quickly clogs the filters of your A/C unit.

We can replace these for you every 1 to 3 months and keep that fan working effectively through even the hottest of temperatures.

Temperature Fluctuations

Extreme heat can put a huge amount of pressure on your A/C unit, which may cause it to start producing hot air. Our specialist team can easily replace faulty wiring and inefficient components to keep your system running as it should.

Broken Fan Motors

Fan motors are key to maintaining good air circulation throughout your home. Anything from corrosion or moisture to long periods of inactivity can affect the efficiency of the unit, leading to the buildup of outdoor pollutants and debris.

This can trigger asthma and other respiratory conditions, causing some pretty uncomfortable symptoms such as nasal congestion and wheezing.

Frozen Coils

Our A/C units are vulnerable to the elements even when they’re not being used every day particularly in the height of those cold Cottage Grove winters. Frozen water particles from the air that collect on the unit’s evaporator coils can stop it from cooling the room efficiently, which is why we recommend regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them debris-free.

Refrigerant Leaks 

Letting refrigerant levels run low can be particularly problematic for the efficiency of your A/C unit and you may begin to notice higher energy bills as a result. Plus, any ice buildup, hot air, foul odors, or strange hissing sounds can indicate that you have a refrigerant leak. 

Get this issue fixed as soon as possible with our indoor air quality services to prevent mold growth within the system, which can trigger significant respiratory health problems for your family.

Book a Reliable A/C Repair Today

Don’t handle the extreme heat alone this summer contact Hurlburt today and the Cottage Grove team will talk you through our extensive list of HVAC and plumbing services that can help you keep cool.We also offer a comprehensive replacement and installation service for A/C systems that are completely worn out, so you’ll never be without a high-quality cooling solution.

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