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AC Maintenance Cottage Grove, MN

Every Cottage Grove resident needs one vital piece of equipment in their home to deal with the intense summer heat: an effective air conditioning unit. However, extreme temperatures can reduce the efficiency of these cooling systems, which is why reliable A/C maintenance is essential during the scorching summer months. 

Hurlburt is a leading HVAC & Plumbing company dedicated to keeping your indoor space livable all year round. We’re happy to assist with any type of A/C repair job, from replacing blocked air filters to installing completely new systems. Our 60+ years of experience makes us the go-to company for all of your HVAC needs, so let us improve the safety and comfort of your home today.

How Often Should I Get A/C Maintenance?

For optimal efficiency, A/C systems should be professionally serviced at least once per year before the summer months hit. Our maintenance services involve everything from cleaning out condenser units to checking thermostat readings, to prevent you feeling hot and bothered as temperatures begin to rise.

The extreme cold we often experience during Cottage Grove winters can also cause A/C coils to freeze up, which obstructs the machine’s airflow. Snow and ice accumulation have the potential to damage your system, leading to a much slower performance when those summer months eventually roll around. 

We’d therefore also recommend squeezing in a maintenance appointment during the fall, so that our expert technicians can check those coils and ensure your system is fully prepared to face the frigid winter temperatures.

What Are the Benefits of Maintaining My A/C Unit?

There’s nothing worse in summer than arriving home to a broken air conditioning system after a trip out to your local neighborhood park or a stroll along the Mississippi River. 

Heat exhaustion triggered by a day spent in the sun is not only uncomfortable, but also poses several health risks for vulnerable adults and young children. Dizziness, nausea, high body temperature, and loss of consciousness are all potential side effects that you may experience after failing to get some cooling relief from the Cottage Grove heat, which can reach highs of 81℉ in the summer.

Investing in a reliable A/C maintenance service lowers the likelihood of these issues by helping your home stay cool, no matter the temperatures outside. Addressing strange noises, foul odors, inconsistent airflow, or any other small A/C issues as soon as you notice them can save you thousands of dollars on more costly repairs or even a more expensive system replacement. 

You’ll also be helping to keep your family healthy by keeping your A/C maintained, with better air circulation removing pollutants and allergens that may trigger serious respiratory issues.

Common Cottage Grove A/C Maintenance Issues

Hurlburt’s skilled technicians are used to working with a wide variety of A/C systems across Minnesota, from central air-con to ductless mini-split systems. We’re therefore fully equipped to diagnose and fix any issue that Cottage Grove’s soaring temperatures may bring, including the following:



Don’t panic if we haven’t mentioned the problem you’re facing; our skilled technicians  understand that every system is unique and are trained to work with a variety of A/C brands, regardless of whether you have a York, Carrier, Lennox, Goodman, or any other type.

Keep Your Cool with Reliable HVAC Services

Offering affordable services that fit into your budget is one of our main aims here at Hurlburt that’s why we may recommend installing a whole new A/C unit if our estimated repair costs are over $1,500. Replacing an inefficient system may seem like a huge expense, but it can save you significant money on running and energy costs later down the line, eventually working out much cheaper. Contact our friendly team to book your appointment today and we’ll recommend the most cost-effective option for your home, from minor jobs like condenser coil cleaning to installing new systems.

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