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AC Installation Cottage Grove, MN

In Cottage Grove, Minnesota, our long, hot summers offer plenty of time to wander through Hamlet Park or play a round of golf at River Oaks. Arriving back to a fully air-conditioned home is what makes these ventures possible in the blazing heat – but what happens if your A/C unit stops working?

Hurlburt is a local HVAC company committed to installing and repairing A/C units in properties throughout Minnesota. Dedicated to finding the right cooling solution for your home, we’ve completed more than 250,000 jobs so far, and our portfolio of satisfied customers just keeps growing by the day.

Our specialist technicians are available round the clock to take you through every A/C option for your home’s unique size, location, number of rooms, and existing HVAC facilities. Let Minnesota’s most trusted installation team since 1959 help you keep your cool this summer, whatever the Cottage Grove weather may bring. 

When Should I Install a New A/C System?

Our warm, wet summers and frigid winters in Cottage Grove put a lot of pressure on our air conditioning units. Regular maintenance can expand the lifespan of these systems, but general wear and tear often makes replacing them the more cost-effective option, especially after 10 to 15 years of use.

Alongside age, here are some other signs that you may benefit from a new A/C unit:



Booking an A/C installation during the cooler months, from October to February, will ensure that your home is well-equipped to handle the humidity when summer rolls around. However, our 24/7 emergency repair service means that you can also contact us if your A/C system suddenly shuts down and stops working. Hurlburt’s skilled technicians are here to provide prompt cooling relief from the intense Cottage Grove heat whenever you need it most.

Benefits of Replacing Your A/C Unit

While Cottage Grove residents may benefit from the city’s location on the north banks of the Mississippi River, a gentle breeze isn’t always enough to stay cool during the intense summer months. Temperatures of up to 81℉ can interfere with the efficiency of our A/C systems, especially those that are already more than a decade old.

Installing a new air conditioner with more modern components makes it easier to maintain stable temperatures throughout your home, even on the hottest days of the year. A reduced risk of the fan breaking or thermostat malfunctioning will not only keep you feeling more comfortable, but also protects your family from the dangers of heat exhaustion.

Plus, effective air circulation stops you from breathing in stale air, which often carries allergens and other harmful particles. You may also begin to notice fresher, more airy rooms after a few days of improved ventilation, something that can help you feel brighter within your indoor space.

How to Choose an Efficient Air Conditioner

Selecting the right A/C unit for your home or business can be overwhelming, since there are so many high-quality options on the market. Location, property size, number of residents, and existing structures are all things that should be considered, but you won’t need to do this alone.

Hurlburt has over 60 years of experience in replacing many different HVAC systems, from heat pumps and water heaters to ductless units and central air conditioning. Our trusted technicians are trained to work with a range of A/C brands, including Lennox, Goodman, Bryant, Comfortmaker, and many more. We’re therefore fully equipped to advise you on the best fit, tailoring our approach to help your unique property maintain a comfortable temperature.

The two main factors we discuss with all clients before installing a new system are:


Once you’ve made an informed decision on your ideal A/C unit, we’ll then come up with a reasonable quote for the job. We understand that new HVAC systems require a large investment that may be a little outside of your budget, which is why we offer several financing options to make the process more affordable.

Schedule Your A/C Installation Today

Effective air conditioning is a necessity for making it through the heat of our Minnesota summers, especially here in the humidity of Cottage Grove. Don’t suffer in silence contact Hurlburt today for all of your professional A/C installation needs.

Trust our local team to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly, from selecting the right type of system to fitting it correctly. We’ll also take on the more tedious jobs, such as obtaining a mechanical work permit from the Minnesota City Government.

Our unparalleled commitment to ensuring your home’s safety and comfort means that we’re available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with your service request now!

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