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My Furnace in Eau Claire isn’t Working

My Furnace Won’t Heat, What Can I do?

As someone who lives in Eau Claire, Menomonie or Hudson you understand just how cold it can get. The experts at Hurlburt Heating & Plumbing understand that when your furnace won’t work, it can become an emergency very quickly. Not heat is no fun. We also understand that no one budgets for emergency repairs when their furnace breaks down and won’t work. If we can save your family from a heating or furnace emergency and maybe even save you some money, we’ll do it! Here are a few tips that you can do yourself and hopefully get your furnace fixed without spending a dime or going without heat.

Do You Have Fuel?

I know it seems basic, but we get calls from folks in Eau Claire with propane furnaces all the time who are out of fuel. Just because you may be on a “Keep Filled” plan with your gas supplier doesn’t mean they can’t miss you, it happens a lot. At the same time we have customers in the Menomonie area who run out of fuel oil. Obviously if you have Xcel or one of the other natural gas suppliers, this should never be the case.

Is The Power To The Furnace Turned On?

Be sure that a circuit breaker or even a power switch at the furnace didn’t accidentally get turned off. If you have a digital thermostat that doesn’t require batteries, this could be why the screen isn’t lit up.

Check Your Thermostat

The first thing to check is that it’s set to the Heating function. Then make sure that it’s set to a temperature higher than the indoor temperature. If you have a thermostat that requires batteries, change them to eliminate any issue there.

Dirty Furnace Filter

This one of those “out of sight, out of mind” items and it’s often overlooked. A dirty or plugged furnace filter can cause your furnace to not run at all or make it short cycle (run for short periods and then shut off). If you have a new furnace filter, put it in.

Iced Or Plugged Intake Or Exhaust Pipe

Most homes in Eau Claire, Menomonie, Hudson and the surrounding area have high efficiency furnaces that bring fresh combustion air in from the outside and then exhaust it back out via PVC tubes. If either of those pipes become clogged, your furnace won’t run due to built in safety features on the furnace. We’ve seen everything you can imagine in these pipes, rocks (from the kids), birds, bats, mice and even squirrels! When it’s really cold out, the most common plugged exhaust cause is an improperly pitched furnace exhaust pipe. If the exhaust pipe isn’t pitched properly the condensate will drip out and freeze the entire pipe closed.

My Furnace Seems Fine But It Won’t Heat

It’s time to call the experts at Hurlburt Heating and Plumbing 715-283-4422 or schedule online. Whether after hours, on a weekend or during the day, you’ll be greeted by a friendly member of our customer service team and we’ll get you taken care of as soon as possible! With guaranteed repairs and more positive online reviews than all of our competitors combined, you can trust Hurlburt!

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