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How to Choose a New Furnace

Heating needs in Eau Claire, Menomonie and Hudson Wisconsin are very different than other parts of the United States. Our part of the country is faced with extremely cold winters and sometimes very hot and humid summers, because of this we must be very thorough when determining which furnace to install in our homes.

What are the Different Types?

Beyond the typical efficiency levels that we often hear talked about, 80%, 96% and even 98%, there are really meaningful features and technologies that can make a huge difference in not only how comfortable your home is but also how much you pay to the gas company each month. Below I’ll explain the 3 primary options.

Fully Modulating

This technology allows for a nearly infinite adjustment to the amount of heat that your furnace provides upto it’s rated capacity and the blower is automatically adjusted up and down at the same time to provide a very stable temperature throughout your home. I like to explain this type of furnace as though it were your car. The most comfortable and economical way to take off from a stop sign is to slowly ease into the gas pedal, as we approach our desired speed, we begin to let up on the gas pedal to maintain. This type of furnace will give us the absolute most comfortable home with the lowest possible utility bill.

2 Stage Furnace

A 2 stage furnace offers 2 levels of heat output, high and low. If your thermostat determines that a small amount of heat is required then your furnace will utilize it’s low stage of heat output. If the home was 67 degrees inside and you were to set the thermostat to 71, the system would utilize it’s high heat stage to achieve the desired temperature. The car analogy would be a gas pedal with 3 levels, off, halfway to the floor and then full throttle. This furnace is not quite as comfortable or efficient as the modulating, but still a good choice.

Single Stage Furnace

This furnace is by far the most common found in homes that are 10 years or more old. It’s comfort and efficiency level is also the lowest of the bunch. When the thermostat determines there is a need for heat, the furnace comes on at full power until the thermostat has been satisfied, often overshooting the desired temperature by a bit. To follow the car throttle examples above, this would be like a teenager taking off from a stop sign with the pedal to the floor until he gets to the next stop sign where he abruptly slams on the brakes. You can understand why this is not a very comfortable or efficient furnace.

Give us a call or schedule online to have one of our expert senior service advisors come out to your home for a free assessment of your current heating system and provide different options that you may consider.

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