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How can I control the humidity in my home during the summer?

Humidity has a very important effect on the comfort inside your home during the summer. Weather forecasters in the summer talk about the comfort index, which attempts to show how much hotter the air temperature is likely to feel to you because of the humidity. As the humidity increases, the hotter you will feel. One of the ways air conditioners operate is to remove humidity from the air, which makes you feel cooler. This is an important part of climate control.

If you live in Eau Claire, WI or the surrounding areas with high humidity, be careful about leaving windows and doors open during the summer. This will allow moisture from the outside air to enter your home. A way to control indoor moisture during humid summer months is to run an air conditioner and/or a dehumidifier. If you use a dehumidifier, make sure you clean it often. Also, empty it frequently or have it empty directly into a drain.

Warm air is capable of holding more moisture than cold air. Therefore, when your home is warm in the summer, more moisture is likely to stay in the air rather than condensing on the surfaces of walls and windows. In most climates, keeping an indoor humidity level below 60 percent in the summer probably will prevent condensation and mold growth. We suggest a comfort setting between 45%-55% humidity.

Even though your air conditioner removes moisture from the air, the areas around your air conditioning system can be a source of water build-up. Make sure the drip pan on your air conditioner doesn’t overflow, and check near your air conditioning system for traces of dampness where mold can grow.

If your system is not removing humidity in your home, our team of professionals are available to perform air conditioning maintenance. If you have any questions not covered here or would like to speak with a comfort professional, contact our team at 715-283-4422 today.

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