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UV Lights for Home Sanitation

It’s no secret (or surprise) that many germs spread via contact, which could be a handshake or other form of physical contact, touching a surface after an infected person has, or breathing the aerosolized droplets from coughs or sneezes. The Center for Disease Control recommends basic hygiene tips to help prevent the spread of illnesses:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Cover your cough
  3. Stay home when sick

When you come home from school, work, or a trip to the grocery store, germs that you’ve encountered came home with you, hitching an uninvited ride into your space. The germs are then dispersed through the air via your heating and cooling system- which is just doing its job- and spread to the rest of your home. This time of year, especially in Wisconsin, we spend more time inside, and are thereby more susceptible to getting sick. Effective insulation and sealing of the home is great for efficiency, but can also trap unwanted particles such as mold spores, odors, and volatile organic compounds inside.

Bacteria and mold thrive in moist, cool conditions; for example, an air conditioner’s cooling coil. Mold and mildew growing on your home’s heating and cooling equipment causes it to work harder to maintain your desired comfort settings, putting unnecessary stress on the equipment, and sometimes requiring extra maintenance or repair.

However, use of a UV air purifier in the home is an effective way to prevent the spread of germs, and is a quick and simple way to improve your indoor air quality (IAQ). Additionally, an IAQ system can also eliminate other air pollutants, such as mold and other allergens. Certain UV lamps can even energize molecules in the air to attack viruses and bacteria on surfaces in the home, and provide a whole-home sanitation option.

UV lights are installed in the supply plenum of forced-air furnaces, typically above the air conditioning coil, and sanitize the air passing through, also keeping the coil clean of mold and bacteria. Installation typically takes just 30 minutes to an hour. Lamps also include an oxidizing odor bar to eliminate odors in the home.

If you’re interested in scheduling a free in-home consultation to determine the IAQ equipment best for your home, feel free to contact us at 715-283-4422 or

UV Light
Installing a UV air purifier in your home’s furnace can help sanitize the air you and your loved ones breathe, by eliminating allergens, germs, and other pollutants.
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