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Woodbury Plumbing Services

Freezing temperatures are a key part of winter in Woodbury, Minnesota. Residents must therefore properly prepare their homes and businesses to survive this harsh Midwestern climate, particularly through the 48 inches of snow that this state sees on average each year.


Our HVAC experts at Hurlburt are therefore on hand for all of your routine and emergency plumbing services in Woodbury. We can detect minor defects such as dirty system components before they develop into larger problems, which ensures that your plumbing system works effectively through the colder months.


From fixing clogged drains to completing full system remodels, our professional plumbing services will make sure that your plumbing is fully equipped to handle even the harshest of Woodbury winters.

When Should I Get New Plumbing Installed?

Plumbing systems are built to operate for 20 to 50 years, depending on the material they’re made from. Copper, brass, cast iron, and polyvinyl chloride tend to be the strongest choices for long-lasting plumbing, while galvanized steel is less durable. 


Regular maintenance checks from a HVAC professional can help if you can’t decide whether to completely replace the system or make a few simple plumbing repairs.For example, you may only require some drain cleaning to remove oil buildup. 


Consider installing a plumbing system if you’re moving into an older property or buying a more modern home. Getting your plumbing running ahead of time ensures that you have to face a few days without hot water, which can be particularly unpleasant during those frigid winter months. 


An early replacement also means that there’s no need to tear out any existing structures or flooring. This process therefore supports the seamless integration of plumbing connections during the construction of a new home. 

Advantages of Plumbing Maintenance

One of the most effective ways of preventing plumbing emergencies during the cold winter months is with regular system services. Our plumbing technicians are available 7 days per week to detect and diagnose any issues before they develop into more expensive repairs, therefore saving you considerable hassle. This includes anything from drain and water pressure testing to joint inspections, which help to extend the lifespan of your home systems.


Scheduling regular maintenance will also help to improve the functionality of your plumbing. We’ll ensure that your pipes are free of weak spots, therefore preventing leaks that could contribute to higher energy bills. They also create the perfect breeding ground for bacterial colonies, including cryptosporidium and legionella. Taking a proactive approach to plumbing maintenance therefore stops the worsening of respiratory conditions like asthma and encourages better overall health for your family.

Why You May Need a Plumbing Repair: Common Problems

Routine maintenance problems such as worn faucet washers can be fixed by property owners or residents with just a few simple repairs. However, plumbing emergencies like frozen pipes require the expertise of a professional, who can ensure that the problem is tackled safely at its root cause.


Some of the most common plumbing problems that our HVAC experts identify in Woodbury include:


Get Your Plumbing Checked Today

At Hurlbert, our HVAC team has seen all sorts of plumbing emergencies since we started back in 1959. That’s why you can rely on us to get the job done quickly and effectively, whether your home requires more effective sump pump systems or a quick sink repair.


Entrust your plumbing systems to Hurlburt today and we’ll perform a complete inspection before starting any repair or maintenance job. This allows us to come up with a precise price estimate that fits into your budget. Each repair also comes with a free warranty to give you additional peace of mind, from sewage pump replacements to our various water treatment solutions.

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