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Woodbury AC Maintenance

Every Woodbury resident needs two vital pieces of equipment in their home: a working furnace for those frigid Minnesota winters, and a high-quality air conditioning source to stay cool throughout the hot summer months. However, one thing that’s often overlooked when it comes to owning an AC unit is the importance of its upkeep. 


The last thing you want after a scorching summer outing to Central Park or a morning golfing session at Eagle Valley is to arrive back to a sweltering home with a broken air conditioner. Regular maintenance is therefore the key to keeping yourself and your family both comfortable and free from the dangers of heat exhaustion.


At Hurlburt, we understand the unique issues that those living in the hot Minnesota climate face when it comes to AC maintenance. Our leading Woodbury HVAC services therefore offer a fairly priced, one-stop shop for all repair needs, so you can maintain a debris-free AC unit with minimal fuss.

How Often Should I Get Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Keeping your HVAC system working at peak efficiency during those extreme Woodbury weather conditions requires A/C maintenance twice per year. 


At Hulburt, we’d recommend having one service in the spring, around March or April, before the heat of the summer fully hits. This will prepare the system for working at full capacity to effectively eliminate that clammy, moist air from outside. The other service should be performed during the fall before snow or condensation accumulates in your unit. Blocked airflow can hinder air conditioning performance and cause potential system damage.


Even the highest-quality units are vulnerable to humidity, especially when battling sun that’s streaming through the windows or hot air entering via leaky doors. However, regular servicing provides the support that your A/C system needs while it works even harder to cool your home.

The Benefits of Maintaining Your AC Unit

Taking a preventative rather than reactive approach to maintenance minimizes the need for emergency AC repairs. This means you won’t need to go a moment without your HVAC systems running smoothly during Woodbury’s extreme summers!


Ignoring minor issues such as strange noises and excess humidity can simply lead to bigger, more costly repairs later in the season, or even a complete system replacement. Making small fixes throughout the year, such as air filter changes, fan motor inspection, wire replacement, and refrigerant recharges, can therefore help you save money in the long term, especially since the unit will still be covered under warranty. Some of the other key advantages of regular air conditioner servicing include:


Woodbury’s Most Common A/C Maintenance Tasks

Our comprehensive tune-up service involves three main components, starting with a thorough inspection of the system to diagnose anything from poor condensation drainage to faulty thermostat wiring. Hurlburt’s local technicians will then go on to clean condenser fans and air conditioner fins, as well as evaporator coils and drains, before conducting a full service on the system. 


This thorough process may reveal one or more of the following issues that we often encounter in Woodbury homes and businesses:


Our HVAC experts can then recommend the most appropriate solution for your system at the best price possible, whether it requires a simple coolant recharge or a bigger compressor replacement. 

Trustworthy A/C Maintenance in Woodbury

With Hurlburt’s professional A/C maintenance services, Woodbury residents can feel safe in the knowledge that their A/C systems will operate at peak performance, no matter what the local temperatures are. As the go-to HVAC company for all air conditioning services since 1959, you can trust us to complete your maintenance job at an affordable price. 

Check out our variety of package options to help you pick the right A/C fit for your budget, such as the Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing membership plan. This offers annual safety maintenance, visual ductwork inspection, a 15% discount on Hurlburt water care filters, and many more benefits, along with a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind.

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