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Woodbury MN AC Installation

Whether spending a fun day out at Colby Lake Pool or taking a leisurely stroll through Central Park, Woodbury residents will understand the struggle of battling through those sweltering temperatures. For those living in this area of Minnesota, this makes having an effective home air conditioning system more important than ever in those sweaty summer months.


Self-installing your AC unit is a risky approach that can do more harm than good, though it can be tempting to save some precious dollars. For example, failing to comply with the correct Woodbury HVAC regulations could leave you requiring a reinstallation in the future and may even void the system’s warranty. Hiring an air conditioning professional can avoid this scenario, meaning you won’t end up paying higher labor expenses to rectify an earlier error.


Our HVAC experts here at Hurlburt have a good understanding of how electrical systems work and extensive knowledge of Woodbury building codes. They’re also certified to handle AC chemicals like refrigerants, a highly toxic gas that can be hazardous if it begins to leak. Contact Hurlburt today to see how our quality AC installation services can help to make your home cooler and more comfortable for life.

When Should I Get My AC System Replaced?

Older AC units use large amounts of energy and tend to require repairs more often. We’d therefore recommend installing a new system if yours is currently 10 to 15 years old.


Thanks to modern technological advances, today’s newer systems are more efficient and therefore cost less to operate, saving you potentially hundreds of dollars in energy bills. They are also easier to maintain, requiring big and expensive AC repairs less frequently.


Our team can also check whether you need a completely new system, particularly if the unit isn’t cooling properly. Many of our Woodbury customers only end up requiring a few easy maintenance jobs, such as replacing dirty air filters and cooling coils. This is a much quicker option designed to extend the lifespan of the unit and keep it running efficiently.

The Benefits of Replacing Your AC Unit

While it may feel like a huge investment, upgrading your HVAC system can save you significant money on running and repairs in the future. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on last-minute repairs, you can instead book cheaper AC maintenance appointments throughout the year to keep your system’s servicing up to date.


As we’ve mentioned, updated AC units are designed with more efficient components and systems that waste less energy, therefore significantly lowering your energy bills. Systems with higher energy efficient ratings are also much better for the environment, so at Hurlburt, we’re helping to save the planet one installation job at a time! 


Plus, older units are forced to work harder to maintain constant indoor temperatures, whereas newer systems deliver a faster rate of cooling in the intense Minnesota heat. 

How to Choose a New Air Conditioning System

From preparing the space to verifying the strength of your home’s electrical connections, our professional HVAC technicians are on hand to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly so you can enjoy a stress-free AC installation. 


Here are some of the factors that we can advise you on when coming up with a quote for your new AC unit:


Most residents within the Woodbury area tend to choose central AC units, mainly because they have lower installation costs. These systems distribute air through ductwork to all areas, therefore also being the most comprehensive cooling option for your warm Woodbury home.


Ductless mini-split air conditioners provide more flexible cooling options and are therefore a better choice if you have a smaller home or only need to lower the temperature of certain rooms. Mini-splits operate more quietly than other air conditioner types because the compressor is located outside, and also act as a heat pump for those freezing Woodbury winter nights.


Although mini-splits may cost more to install initially, they can work out cheaper in the long run if your ductwork also needs to be replaced. Plus, by covering individual areas rather than the whole home, ductless systems can also help to lower your energy bills.


Installing the right size AC unit will ensure that your home continuously remains at the right temperature. For instance, an air conditioner that’s too small for your unique space may fail to relieve the burden of those extreme Woodbury temperatures, while those too large will constantly turn themselves on and off. This could cause damage beyond repair to the AC and significantly increase your energy costs.


By considering the following questions, our Hurlburt technicians can help you choose the most suitably sized AC:


Enjoy Expert AC Installation in Woodbury Today

Air conditioning units are an essential investment for anyone living in the Woodbury area, especially when it comes to getting through those sweltering hot summer days. Benefit from an efficient and reliable system with the help of Hurlburt’s leading HVAC services in Woodbury, which offer an unparalleled commitment to ensuring the comfort and safety of your family home.

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