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AC Installation Stillwater, MN

Whether enjoying one of the city’s outdoor ice rinks during winter or spending a summer’s day fishing at Lily Lake, the city of Stillwater offers a varied climate throughout the year. With more than 200 hot and humid days annually, residents will understand the many benefits of living in an area where temperatures often reach 95 degrees – and, unfortunately, the drawbacks.

Battling through these temperatures may be tough, but having a reliable air conditioning system at home makes it much easier to keep your cool in the birthplace of Minnesota. Introducing Hurlburt, a family-owned HVAC company dedicated to replacing and repairing A/C systems in homes across Minnesota. 

Unsure of where to start when it comes to choosing the best A/C? Our electrical experts will guide you carefully through the selection process, while advising you on the right size and type for your home. But, you may be wondering, why choose us? We’ve helped more than 250,000 happy homeowners get their HVAC systems up to date since 1959, so trust us to ensure that your property maintains constant temperatures all year round.

When Should I Install a New A/C System?

Knowing when it’s time to call it a day and get your heating or cooling systems completely replaced can be a challenge, especially if yours shows little sign of shutting down. However, the older your A/C unit, the more energy it tends to consume, which equals higher bills every year. 

So, if your current system has reached the 10 to 15-year age mark, we’d recommend looking into newer, more cost-efficient options for cooling your Stillwater home. Our expert A/C installation team here at Hurlburt can check out your system and help you make that key decision: Should I invest in a complete replacement, or will a few simple A/C repairs be enough this time around?

Aside from age, we may suggest installing a new unit if you’re frequently noticing any of the following signs: 

What Are the Benefits of Replacing My A/C Unit?

As we’ve mentioned, the running costs for older A/C machines can be pretty expensive, especially if you’re paying for regular repairs. While problems such as dirty air filters or faulty wire connectors are relatively affordable, broken condensers can cost thousands of dollars to fix, which is why we recommend a full replacement in scenarios like these.

Keeping your A/C system up to date ensures that you have the best, most efficient method of cooling your home, not to mention the more environmentally friendly option. So, as you experience better temperature control throughout those scorching Stillwater summers, you’ll also be helping to save the planet!

Plus, better airflow from modern air conditioners offers several of its own benefits too. With just a few days of a new installation, you should begin to notice a brighter atmosphere and a generally cleaner living environment. Good A/C units can free your rooms of dust and toxins, therefore lowering the risk of allergic reactions that may be triggered by particles floating in from the St. Croix River.

How to Choose a New Air Conditioning System

Enjoy a hassle-free installation experience with Hurlburt’s trusted HVAC technicians, who can assist with everything from preparing your home for a new unit to ensuring strong electrical connections. 

Our commitment to customer satisfaction also means we prioritize affordability, so we’ll always come up with a budget-friendly quote before starting any A/C job. To ensure you get the most suitable unit for your home, at the best price possible, we’ll consider these two key factors when making our recommendations:


Central AC units are generally the more popular choice when it comes to keeping Stillwater homes cool, mostly because they tend to be cheaper than other options. These comprehensive systems work by distributing air through the ductwork, leaving every room of your home feeling lighter and brighter.

Stillwater residents with smaller homes may prefer a ductless mini-split system, which offers more flexible cooling options. For example,  ductless air conditioners split your home into zones, making them ideal for keeping specific rooms cool. Outdoor compressors also mean that they operate much more quietly, plus these systems double up as heat pumps when temperatures drop below freezing in the winter.


There’s nothing worse than installing an A/C unit, only to find that it’s too small to keep your entire space cool – we’ve seen this issue many times in homes across Minnesota. On the other end of the spectrum, systems that are too large waste boatloads of energy, and who wants to receive an unnecessarily high bill at the end of the month?

We’ll assess your indoor space and recommend the most appropriately sized unit for the number of levels, windows and doors, people, and existing amenities in your home, such as boilers and insulation. 

Book An Expert A/C Installation Today

Ready to update your A/C system for those sweltering summer days we experience here in Stillwater? Contact Hurlburt today and our team of expert technicians can help with all of your A/C maintenance and installation needs, whether you’re looking for a scheduled appointment or an emergency repair.

We’d suggest investing in a new system during the cooler months, so that your home will be prepared for the humidity when summer fully hits. That way, you’ll no longer need to worry about returning home from a leisurely stroll through Pioneer Park to a broken air conditioner and the risk of heat exhaustion; instead, you can enjoy the comforts of a cool indoor space.

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