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Oakdale, MN Plumbing

Battling the freezing weather can be tough in Oakdale, particularly when it comes to maintaining reliable plumbing systems. Our snowy winters bring average temperatures of 10 to 26 degrees,  which  often causes issues such as frozen pipes and no hot water. 


Hurlburt is a family-owned company that offers prompt heating, AC, and plumbing services across Minnesota and Wisconsin. With our 60+ years of experience, we understand the unique plumbing problems presented by the frigid Oakdale climate. So, trust our plumbing professionals to find the most cost-effective solutions to keep your home warm, whether you need your boiler fixed or a water heater replaced.

When is it Time To Get Your Plumbing Replaced?

We generally recommend installing a new plumbing system when yours reaches the 50-year mark. This is because older plumbing contains pipes that start to degrade and leak over time, which can cause the whole system to shut down – a scenario that’s far from ideal in those colder months, not to mention dangerous for the elderly and other vulnerable groups.


Some other signs that suggest you may need a complete plumbing remodel include:


The Benefits of Plumbing Maintenance

Imagine arriving home from a frosty winter’s walk in Tanners Lake Park to find that your pipes have frozen. Having no heating or hot water not only makes for an uncomfortable evening, but can also take its toll on your hygiene and health, leaving you with no choice but to book a last-minute repair.


One of the biggest things you’ll benefit from when working with a HVAC company like Hurlburt is our preventative approach. We’re on hand 7 days a week to take a look at those small, yet annoying problems before they develop into more expensive repairs, from that slightly dripping tap to the shower that goes cold once in a while.


Booking a plumbing maintenance appointment every few months therefore ensures that your faucets, sump pumps, taps, toilets, and other hot water systems remain functional throughout the 4 distinct Oakdale seasons. Plus, maintaining efficient systems means you’ll be saving money on both energy and repair bills in the long run – a win-win situation!

Why You May Require a Repair Service: Common Plumbing Problems

Though it might be tempting to quickly check up on your home’s boiler or water heater, messing with utility lines can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you’re unsure exactly what to look for. That’s why we’d always recommend calling a plumbing professional service that has extensive experience in safely repairing Minnesota’s HVAC systems. 


Whether you’re facing a plumbing emergency or have a small concern about your system, here are some of the issues that we frequently fix in the Oakdale area:

Low Water Pressure 

Fed up with washing under a slowly dripping showerhead? Consistently low water pressure suggests that your pipes may be clogged, which makes everything from showering to washing the dishes incredibly difficult. 


The Jordan aquifer provides around 80% of the groundwater pumped in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, so it may simply be a case of high water demand. However, blocked pipes or damaged water meter valves could be the issue, which both require professional repair.


No Hot Water

Water that often runs cold in your shower or taps could indicate a range of problems, from simple thermostat issues to gas leaks. Old and inefficient water heaters, sediment buildup, and low water pressure are also common culprits, all of which we can address during a routine plumbing repair appointment.

Blocked Drains

We’ve all experienced blockages in our plumbing systems at some point, whether from hair, food waste, or an object accidentally dropped down the toilet. 


However, in any of these scenarios, the last thing you should do is panic and make the blockage worse. Our drain cleaning professionals use power rodding equipment such as cutting blades and flexible rods, which can clear even the most stubborn of clogged pipes.

Leaking Pipes

While small leaks are an easy repair issue, it can be much more difficult to clear up the water mess caused by burst pipes. Flooding damages everything from wall plaster to wood timbers, which puts the structural integrity of your property at risk. 


Excess moisture also creates the perfect conditions for mold to grow, spreading harmful bacteria throughout your home that can cause serious respiratory health issues.

Ensure Efficiency With Reliable Plumbing Services

Having a trustworthy local plumbing service right at the end of the phone is vital for every homeowner during the winter months, but especially those living in the cold Oakdale climate. 

Check out Hurlburt’s full range of HVAC & plumbing services to see how we can help you maintain constant temperatures, improve air quality, and make your house feel more like home today.

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