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Plumbing in Newport, MN

Newport can be a stunning place to live in during the summer – no more so than if you own one of the many houses looking over the Mississippi river – but when temperatures drop below 10°F like they do come January, it’s not so easy on your plumbing system for a whole host of reasons.

From leaky taps to completely new plumbing systems, our team at Hurlburt have been providing professional plumbing services in Newport for over 65 years, so we’ve learnt our fair share about the local climate and environment and what kind of impact this has on your plumbing system.

When Should I Get New Plumbing Installed?

The good news is that for the fairly modern homes in Newport with equally modern plumbing systems, you normally don’t need to worry about installing new systems for up to 50 years past installation – providing you’re taking extra care of it since the weather conditions in Newport generally require a lot more maintenance than normal.

This is because the plumbing systems installed in these houses are likely built with durable materials such as brass or cast iron, which is not the case for the wide array of historic homes in Newport that usually have plumbing systems made with galvanized steel.

This material is way less durable than the materials used in modern plumbing systems, so you’re far more susceptible to rust and corrosion from basic usage – even when the weather is manageable. 

Having said that, even the more modern plumbing systems have a lot more strain on them during winter in Newport because of how freezing it gets, so neither option is particularly invulnerable when it comes to things like pipe bursts or flooding.

Because of this, we’d recommend that you schedule regular maintenance checks with our team of plumbing professionals so that you can essentially safeguard yourself from things like structural damage to your home and inconsistent water flow – both of which you’re more likely to experience by living in a town with as wild weather fluctuations as Newport.

There’s a chance you’ll only need simple fixes like our drain cleaning services, but if we discover that you’re actually on the brink of a pipe burst, you’ll definitely be glad you’ve nipped it in the bud before it became a much more expensive problem.

Advantages of Plumbing Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is your best bet to prolong the lifespan of your plumbing systems, so regular inspections are definitely the key to preventing expensive emergency repairs – here are some of the main benefits you can expect to see:

Why You Might Need Our Plumbing Repair Services: Common Issues In Newport, MN

Like most cities in Minnesota, living in Newport comes with its own range of issues when it comes to plumbing systems so let’s walk through some of the main issues our plumbing experts find when servicing houses here:

Get Your Plumbing Checked Today

Before we even get started with any of our repairs or maintenance, one of our plumbing experts will come round and perform a full inspection of your plumbing systems so that we’re able to give you a rough estimate of how much our services will set you back and if it’ll fit in your budget.

In addition, any treatments, repairs, or even full installations – from new sump pump systems to basic water treatment solutions – that we need to make will come with a completely free warranty so you can be confident in knowing you’re protected for the long-term. Just give us a call today at (715) 317-5648 to get the ball rolling and we’ll solve whatever issue with your plumbing you need fixing.

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