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Family Owned & Operated — Since 1959

Trusted AC Repair Experts in Menomonie

When your AC breaks down, you can trust the team at Hurlburt Heating, AC and Plumbing to get your system back up and running again. We’ve been repairing and replacing air conditioners in Menomonie since 1959! Whatever happens with your AC this summer, Hurlburt can help you stay cool and comfortable in your home.

Emergency 24/7 AC repair in Menomonie

We can experience some extreme weather in Wisconsin. The humidity in the summer can be difficult to handle for healthy individuals but AC failure can be a true emergency for children, elderly persons, immunocompromised individuals and even pets. 

Whether you simply feel uncomfortable without AC or have a health condition, we can be there to get your AC up and running anytime, day or night. 

What does AC repair cost in Menomonie?

It really depends on what is wrong with the unit. Some parts that fail frequently are actually pretty inexpensive and we can get you up and running for only a couple hundred dollars. Other parts (like fan motors or compressors) are more expensive.

We try to keep our costs reasonable so we can serve everyone in the Menomonie area. We will always discuss pricing options with you before we begin any repairs so there are no surprises at the end of the day.

Can Hurlburt repair my old R-22 air conditioner?

R-22 coolant has been phased out in favor of the more environmentally-friendly R-410A. They stopped making R-22 air conditioners in 2010 and officially banned the creation and import of it in the US in 2020. That means coolant is hard to get and what is out there is extremely expensive. By expensive, we mean you might be spending nearly as much to charge your old R-22 system as you would be spending on a new unit.

If your old R-22 unit is leaking coolant, it would honestly be more cost effective to replace the entire system.

If your old R-22 unit has a bad capacitor, contactor or motor but the coolant level looks good, there is no reason why we can’t go ahead and repair it. Keep in mind that your R-22 AC is likely past its expected lifespan but as long as it’s not leaking, you might be able to get a few more years out of it. 

How long do air conditioners last? 

In our climate, air conditioners last 15-20 years if they are well maintained. We recommend an annual tune up once a year in the spring to take a look at the coolant levels and see how everything looks. At the annual tune up, our goal is to catch any potential problems before they become bigger issues later in the summer.

As a homeowner, the best thing you can do for your air conditioner is to regularly change the furnace filter. If you run your AC with a dirty filter, you could cause a whole host of problems down the road that could lead to some fairly expensive repairs.

If your air conditioner is nearing the 15-year mark, the annual tune up is even more important. Most homeowners only call us when there is a problem but if you are trying to extend the life of your old AC, it’s a good idea to have us out to evaluate its health and address any concerns.

If my AC isn’t working right, is there anything I should do before calling Hurlburt?

There are three things you can check yourself before you make a call to us about your AC system.


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