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Plumbing in Mahtomedi, MN 

Mahtomedi is home to some of the most gorgeous summer homes in all of Minnesota, but if you primarily only visit there during these warmer months and aren’t around the conduct regular maintenance during the winter – when it gets below freezing – you run the risk of causing a range of different issues with your plumbing system.

You might only need something like a leaky tap fixed, but full system remodels are a real possibility, too, if you neglect them for long enough – either way, we’ve been providing professional plumbing services in the Mahtomedi area at Hurlburt for over 65 years, so whatever your issue, we’ll have a technician deal with it promptly before it escalates into anything more serious.

When Should I Get New Plumbing Installed?

Fortunately, unlike AC systems which should really be replaced every 12-15 years, plumbing systems can actually last up to 50 years before you should install a new one. However, given that most of the summer homes in Mahtomedi were built around 1970, we’re approaching the time now where even plumbing systems made of the most durable materials are going to need replacing soon.

What’s more, this is only really relevant if your current plumbing system is made with strong materials like brass or cast iron – a lot of the historic homes in Mahtomedi, of which there are plenty, comprise plumbing infrastructure made of galvanized steel which lasts nowhere near as long as those aforementioned materials.

The more modern plumbing systems can be damaged by the icey weather during the winter, but the plumbing systems in these older homes are also particularly prone to corrosion or rust.

So, whether you’ve got an older or more modern home in Mahtomedi, we’d definitely recommend scheduling maintenance checks with us on a regular basis – the last thing you’d want is to visit your home in the summer and find out you’ve got a pipe leak.

Chances are, you might only need your drains cleaned, but our plumbing experts will be able to handle more serious issues too before they develop into serious structural damage that would necessitate an entirely new plumbing system.

Advantages of Plumbing Maintenance

Unfortunately, you might not be able to avoid installing new plumbing if you have irreparable damage, but this sort of thing can largely be avoided by receiving regular maintenance from professionals like ourselves:

Why You Might Need Our Plumbing Repair Services: Common Issues

While you might be able to handle certain plumbing issues like faulty faucet washers on your own, you run the risk of serious plumbing emergencies if you attempt to handle more serious problems on your own – here are some of the main issues our team deals with in homes around Mahtomedi:

Get Your Plumbing Checked Today

Our team will ensure any repairs or installations we’ll need to perform will actually fit within your price budget by coming round and taking a look at your plumbing system beforehand – this way we can give you a proper price estimate and you can avoid a major surprise later on.

If we do need to make a few repairs on your plumbing system, though, you’ll receive a warranty completely free of charge to give you some peace of mind knowing you’re covered in the event of any future issues – whether we’re providing simple water treatment solutions or more time-consuming jobs like full replacements.

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