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A/C Repair Lakeland, MN 

Temperatures in July, the hottest month of the year in Lakeland, can reach highs of 83°F, making reliable air conditioning an absolute necessity in this Minnesota city!

Don’t wait until the warm season to tackle that rattling noise coming from your unit or the warm air that keeps blowing out – get a reliable A/C repair service to take a look at the problem before your system completely shuts down. 

Here at Hurlburt, we have more than 60 years of experience in everything from simple maintenance to replacing evaporator coils, so there’s no problem that we can’t solve. Trust our HVAC experts to keep your home cool and comfortable all year round for an affordable price, even during the often unforgiving conditions of the Lakeland climate.

When Should I Get My A/C System Repaired?

The best answer that we can give to this question is simple: straight away! A small leak or strange odor coming from your A/C unit may not seem like a bother when you still need to leave the house with a hat and scarf. But come June or July when the breeze from the St. Croix River just isn’t keeping you cool, you’ll wish you’d invested in those repairs earlier on.

Here are the key signs that your air conditioning system isn’t quite working as it should:

Unfortunately, some of the A/C units our technicians see in Lakeland are completely worn out or simply aren’t worth the cost of the repairs. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll be left to sweat during those scorching summer months; we offer a comprehensive A/C installation service to replace the entire system with ease.

Why is A/C Maintenance So Important?

Getting home from a summer’s day out in Cully Park or a wander along the St. Croix Trail to a broken A/C system is a scenario that no Lakeland resident wants to find themselves in, especially when temperatures are pushing 90 degrees.

Last-minute repairs can set you back thousands of pounds, especially if they involve a complete condenser replacement. However, problems like this could be the least of your worries if we discover a mold infestation inside the system not only because it can quickly spread and cause structural damage, but bacteria also significantly reduces the air quality in your home.

Thankfully, these issues can be handled pretty quickly with regular A/C maintenance. We’d recommend booking two appointments with a HVAC specialist: one before the warmer season arrives in May and another ahead of winter, when those frigid Lakeland temperatures can cause evaporator coils to freeze up.

Common A/C Issues We Face in Lakeland

Living within the confines of the St. Croix River Valley certainly has its perks in terms of picturesque views and natural beauty, but the extreme temperatures of this climate can present several problems for our A/C systems. Some of the most common issues that we face in this Minnesota city include:

While they may be inconvenient, don’t let these problems stop you from enjoying summers canoeing along the river or hiking along the Butterfly Trail. Call Hurlburt today and we’ll promptly send our trusted technicians to your home, who have plenty of experience in diagnosing and fixing faulty A/C units.

Stay Cool This Summer with Reliable A/C Repair

Neglecting that weak airflow or forgetting to replace filters are both costly and unnecessary mistakes, especially when you’ve got a professional A/C service just at the end of the phone. 

Let our experts prepare your home for the extreme heat of those months between May and September by walking you through all of the HVAC services that we offer, from plumbing repairs to fixture installation

Contact us today to schedule a check-up and ensure that your A/C system remains in great working order.

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