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AC Maintenance Lakeland, MN

In Lakeland, Minnesota, temperatures can reach the mid-80s during July. This makes good air conditioning units incredibly important for residents of this Minnesota city. 

However, the hot climate puts even the most reliable systems at risk of damage, which can require thousands of dollars to fix. Arriving home to a broken air conditioner is the last thing you need after a long day out in Cully Park or a hike along the Butterfly Trail. Avoid these scenarios by recruiting the services of a professional HVAC company like Hurlburt.

With 60+ years of experience, trust us knowing you’re in good hands with our long-term cooling solutions. Contact Hurlburt for routine maintenance checks and effective diagnosis today!

How Often Does My A/C Need Maintenance?

Having a broken A/C unit at any point during the year is inconvenient, but dealing with an entire system breakdown in temperatures as high as 83°F can also be incredibly dangerous. A lack of reliable air conditioning makes children and elderly adults vulnerable to heat stroke.

Keep your home cool through those scorching Lakeland summers by scheduling regular A/C maintenance appointments. We’d recommend booking two services per year – ideally one in the spring, around March or April, to properly prepare your system for the summer heat, and another during fall. 

Moisture can cause evaporator coils to freeze over when temperatures are particularly low, and in a city that experiences up to 44 inches of snow each year, this poses a real risk to your AC system!

The Benefits of Regular A/C Maintenance

Those strange rattling sounds or the musty odor that’s been coming from your A/C system for weeks can be an indication of bigger problems, such as mold or a condenser unit that’s on its way out. Ignoring these issues may simply mean you’ll need to pay for a complete system replacement, which could have been avoided with a few quick fixes like replacing faulty wires, topping up refrigerant levels, changing air filters, and inspecting the fan motor.

Some of the other main advantages of keeping on top of these A/C maintenance jobs include:


Common A/C Maintenance Tasks in Lakeland

Smoldering summers aren’t the only extreme weather conditions that impact the reliability of our A/C units here in Lakeland; we also have to deal with temperatures that hit lows of 5°F in January.

Luckily, our HVAC professionals here at Hurlburt have been working in these fluctuating conditions for a while since 1959, to be precise – so we know how to fix any A/C problem that arises as a result. Over our 60+ years of service, some of the most common maintenance jobs that we’ve completed for Lakeland residents include:


Schedule Your A/C Maintenance Appointment Today

We generally recommend getting a checkup during the spring, but it’s never too late to book an appointment for your A/C system; our hardworking team provides maintenance services to Lakedale homes around the clock.

If your air conditioner is around 10 to 15 years old, we may suggest replacing the entire system. Either way, whether you require a new A/C installation or a few routine maintenance tasks, call our friendly team today at (715) 317-5648 to get the ball rolling!

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